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Late last year we stumbled across a pretty remarkable record by a funny name we had never crossed paths with before. It had a thunderous techno number on the A side, the kind that would eat you for breakfast at the Berghain, and in ultimate contrast, a soul soothing old school house jam on the flip. The record was the debut release by The House Nerds cheekily entitled ‘Let’s Get Nrrrdy’, a vinyl only EP which was also the first on their new imprint House Nerds Audio.

With only two EP’s to their name’s as The House Nerds, these guys are still flying under the radar but that surely won’t last too much longer, already attracting the attention of DJ’s like Ben Sims, Jaques Renault and Tony Lionni amongst a host of others. The House Nerds have gotten together to mix up their very first podcast for Episode 040, and with a third highly anticipated 12” just around the corner (out early June), we caught up with the Nerds to find out a bit more about the intriguing new collaboration..

It was as if one day you guys appeared out of thin air, so i guess the question on everyone’s mind is who are the House Nerds?

Just two guys who love house music and have been involved in it for 30 years between them.

How did you guys hook up, what were you doing before you decided to become House Nerds?

We’ve known each other for a while, there aren’t too many people in the world who like Mental Instrum, so when you find someone in the same area you become friends!  Before HN loads of things, DJing, releasing records, the usual.

What does a day in the life of the House Nerds entail?

We’d like to say yachts, Ibiza sunshine and cocktails but unfortunately it’s a bit more mundane. Generally just working, listening to music, trawling for records and the odd beer at the end of the day.

Although your music has the raw feel of a lot of the 90s house output, it is still pretty produced darn well. Do you guys have a big studio set up and what’s in there?

It’s pretty similar to most people’s, the computer is at the heart of it, but we have a lot of samplers that we run everything through as different samplers have distinctive sounds.

90s samplers by Emu/Akai are really at the heart of what we do as they have such unique sounds. The A/D is so perfect for house. Even when we do edits we run the track in sections into the sampler then assign each 4 bars to a different key on the keyboard and do edits that way – arranging midi notes. Something like that anyway.

What is the most important part of your production process?

Probably starting with a sample or 2, whittling it down and adding our own parts, trial and error. If it’s not working go out for a beer, come back again. If it’s still not working start again, or stay in the pub.

You’ve released the first two records on your own label House Nerds Audio, is that going to be the case with all your releases?

Yeah for now, the 3rd release is also on the same label and that’s out soon also.

What was the reasoning behind that decision?

We’ve been involved in running physical labels before so we know how it all works, and it’s more fun if it’s your own project, being involved with it from the ground up.

There is indeed a nostalgic aspect to your music, was that premeditated or do you think that’s just where house music is at the moment?

Probably a little bit of both, maybe the old school thing is a nostalgic fad… but we’ve always loved that sound so will ride it as long as we can.

The last two releases have been full of some heavy club jams, is that House Nerds thing or do you have some slower/sleazier stuff in the bank?

Yes on our 3rd EP there are some slower tracks on there. We were talking about this the other day, when you listen to ‘deep house’ vinyl from years ago, it’s like Mickey Mouse 128BPM, you’d never hear a deep house track at 128 these days, 121/2 then obviously the slower stuff right down at 111. That’s a development you would never dream would happen, so we can see it getting faster again as everything moves in cycles.

What else can we look forward to from the House Nerds camp in the future?The last two releases have been full of some heavy club jams, is that House Nerds thing or do you have some slower/sleazier stuff in the bank?

Well we have no real desire to stay anonymous nor promote ourselves either, with all the self-promotion bollocks at the moment it’s nice to just put stuff out and see what happens, so more of the same really. We are definitely going to do a club night based around the label playing some of these old records along with some of the new stuff we love so watch this space. We love house music, old and new, and we love playing it.


Tracklist coming soon.

The House Nerds - Let's Get Nrrrdy EPThe House Nerds - Edit Juan EP

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