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We’re going to be featuring a range of up and coming artists on the Deepcast this year, the first has been DJing in the US for over a decade now but has just put out his first few edits on labels like DIKSO and Diner City Sounds with some pretty serious responses! His downtempo beats have been a huge success on Soundcloud and it seems like its just the beginning for the NYC producer… So, we thought we’d get on the bandwagon before the band does on this one, and he certainly doesn’t disappoint with a sexy little mix which will please fans of the chugging tempo to no end! We also managed to catch up with M.K for a
chat about his day to day grind..

MD: You only started getting into production about a year ago, already a few months down the track you had your first releases on Berlin vinyl only label DIKSO with “Jonesin’ For You” under previous moniker NoRequests, as well as one of my personal favourites “Get Into This Groove” under your byDesign alias. So how did you get into producing after many years of DJing?

MK: I was a graphic designer professionally for about 5 years and unfortunately due to a lack of business I was laid off about a year ago. Needless to say I had a lot of time on my hands. A friend gave me Ableton and I just sat down one day and started learning how to use it.

MD: What’s your studio set-up like?

MK: Macbook Pro, Ableton Live, Akaia Controller, Studio-Monitors, and a couple plug-ins… its pretty basic.

MD: So how did you get in contact with the guys at DIKSO?

MK: They actually contacted me through Soundcloud to do a Podcast because they liked my mixes. Then I did “Jonesin’ For You” and they decided to release it.

MD: Today your debut the “Matthew Kyle” EP has been released on the vinyl only label Diner City Sounds. Four Re-Edits including “Honey Sugar” which in just over a month has reached more than 11 thousand plays on Soundcloud. How did the track come together and how would you explain this massive success?

MK: The massive feedback on Soundcloud still baffles me. Granted I’m grateful, but I don’t get it. That track came together in about an hour on a Saturday afternoon. I was cleaning my apt and this song came on and I instantly heard this section that I thought would be a fun loop to play with.

MD: What else can we find on your first EP?

MK: 3 more edits / reworks. Nothing ever goes above 102 bpm. “I Love Marvin” is my personal favorite.

MD: Two more digital EPs of all original material are due to be released in the coming weeks via Audio Parallax. What can we expect from your MK originals?

MK: That’s a good question. I’m not sure exactly… Its still a learning process for me. Its much easier to sample and or do an edit. My original material is slow and chuggy, like my edits, but with very warm chords. Its like mellow summer-music.

MD: What’s the process like compared to doing Re-Edits?

MK: I have to be in a certain mood to do an original because for me its much harder to create something coherent from scratch.

MD: Can you tell us a bit about the label Audio Parallax ?

MK: A great start-up label out of the UK. It started off as a Podcast then the label evolved out of it. I’m really happy to have a home for my original material. I’ve actually started to become more involved with the label and am doing a bit of A&R on the side. Right now we are just digital but hopefully in about a year we will start pressing vinyl.

MD: From zero to 3 EPs alongside numerous well recognised edits and remixes – a huge achievement in such a short amount of time! On top of that you had to start from scratch twice. When your apartment was burgled mid last year you lost all your work, art, music and gear, everything that was important to you. How were you able to get back on track?

MK: Quite simply, I have amazing friends. My partner in byDesign had a spare laptop that he immediately gave me. It was tough starting over. The music I can replace, but my art is gone forever. Years worth of illustrations were stolen when they took my portable back-up drive. Its bad enough to lose a computer, but the back-up drive is even worse.

MD: What a nightmare! Here’s to good friends!

MD: Almost daily we can see new tracks up on your Soundcloud. Given that you work during the day, how do you find time for anything else?

MK: I really don’t have a demanding day-job. Right now I’m a freelance designer, and its a constant struggle to find work and get my rent paid, that would be the demanding part I guess. But the actual work itself is easy. Being freelance I don’t have to work over-time so I have an abundance of time at night and on the weekends to work on music. Plus, yeah… I don’t really sleep but a couple hours a night. I’m sure my neighbors love hearing kick-drums at 3am.

MD: On a personal note … what was it like growing up in Houston/Texas?

MK: Houston is a very diverse city, its one of the largest in the US, so I was exposed to a lot of different cultures and music. Its where I started DJing 11 years ago, it will always be home.

MD: Did your hometown have any impact on your musical background?

MK: Absolutely. There was a great deep-house scene in the late 90′s that I was proud to be a part of. Over-time my tastes have evolved beyond deep-house obviously, but even back then I was pitching records down. The older I get the slower I like my music.

MD: How did you end up in NYC?

MK: I was about 21 and my DJing gigs were becoming less and less frequent because the label / management I was with went under so I decided to finally go back to college and went to art school. I transferred to a better school in NYC, been here ever since.

MD: What’s the NY disco scene like nowadays?

MK: That’s a good question… I don’t really know. I don’t go out a lot to clubs and events. Most of the DJs I hear play more of the uptempo disco stuff, its just not for me. Granted these guys are great at what they do, but its just not my taste. I tend to be somewhat of a home-body anyway. I work, I come home, and I make music that I want to hear. On the weekends I’d rather have a nice dinner with my girlfriend than go to a packed club and pay 8 bucks for a beer.

MD: Who are your main musical influences, where do you get your inspiration from?

MK: I find most of my inspiration in the soul and r&b sounds from the 70′s. Stuff that gets lumped in with “disco” but it really isn’t disco at all. Of course the producers that I’m into right now are the heavy-hitters in that genre. LTJ X-Perience is simply amazing. Eddie C can do no wrong. The Revenge of course…

MD: Looking at the year ahead, what are your plans from here?

MK: Right now I don’t really have any plans. I’m hoping my Diner City Sounds record sells, beyond that I’m looking for steady-work during the day so I can save up and buy some new equipment and hopefully make a trip to the UK. I’m always working on new music / edits, so we’ll see what happens.

MD: And finally let’s talk about your mix … where are you taking us with it?

MK: The mix for me is a journey – I wanted to showcase my range as a DJ while still staying true to my personal style, the mix never goes above 105bpm. Also, I wanted to showcase some Australian producers who I’m really into right now.

Matthew Kyle


Hawke – Garden Of Your Mind (Bluetech’s Mountain High Mix)
Spirit Catcher – Motown Spring
Chromatic Filters – Slow Emotions
Cantoma – Gambarra (Lexx Mix)
Chamboche – Closer
Trujillo – Baby You’re Still The Same
Duff Disco – Alive
Francis Inferno Orchestra – Time For Tea
Duff Disco – Dalston
The Revenge – Night Flight
Tornado Wallace – Swimmin’
Mark E – White Skyway
Mario Basanov – Up (Nicholas Remix)
Acos Coolkas – Free Flight (Max Essa Mix)

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