Published: 17 Feb 2021
- Maara

NAFF's latest signee mixes euphoric nostalgia with wild unreleased cuts.

On the back of a stunning debut for Priori and Ex-T’s NAFF label out in Montreal earlier this year, we find ourselves well and truly in business here with Maara laying down a nostalgia packed club mix with heavy doses of 90s tranquility rave, dark n’ stormy trance moods, sexy vocal snips and plenty of forthcoming productions of her own that are guaranteed to cut you deeep! Watch out!

Hey Maara, Great to have you on! As you probably know we’re big NAFF fans down here, so it was awesome to see your debut record finally out on the label last month, and everything from the beautiful artwork to the range of trippy club tracks feel right at home on the label… Tell us what you initially had in mind for the record, was this a project you had been working towards with the guys for a while? It must have been fun working with Francis (Priori) to get the mixes popping as well, they really sound incredible!

Hey Myles, thank you for having me on! Been a big fan of the series for a while. Really glad to hear you like the release. I started working on dance music in late 2019/early 2020, and producing tracks that would turn out to be the NAFF record—although I didn’t know it back then. I believe I finished the last track, “Tranquil Lust Mommy,” in February 2020. I wanted to create something fun, dark, and playful, which is always my aim when I make music. Before I started making dance music, I was working on a hip hop production and vocal project under the name Massie Dome, which started in high school, before I moved to Montreal for university.

Over the years living in Montreal I was pulled into the dance music scene, going to raves and parties, and making friends within this community. In late 2019 I decided to commit solely to dance music and I’m really happy about this shift in direction. Yes, Francis is a gem, and such a pleasure to work with! I’m excited about the stuff we’re working on together. Such a lovely person.

You’ve been recording some killer radio shows alongside another one of our favourite Montreal DJs Lis Dalton under the ‘Freaky Gurlz’ banner, tell us how you got connected and what kind of vibe usually flows when you get in the zone together..

Haha thank you! Yeah, Lis and I are very good friends. We actually met each other on Tinder in 2017 and ended up hitting it off and becoming really close. Lis is so talented and a huge inpso, and she’s exposed me to so much great music. She’s a big reason why I’m making dance music today. We have a lot of overlap in taste and match each other well energetically when we play. There’s a natural flow and ease. We like to have fun and enjoy ourselves, play all over the map but mostly fun, ravey, breaky, techno, electro music I’d say—although we can go anywhere. I’m also looking forward to working on more projects together with Lis this year.

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve done for us? Was there any particular environment or context you had in mind when recording the mix, and what are a couple of your favourite moments along the way?

I wanted to make a mix that moved through a lot of different moods and moments. I really enjoy euphoric music with vocals but I also love a lot of darker music. I aimed to make a mix with a wide scope of sounds, hopefully in a cohesive fashion, that moves you through euphoric times, to dark and sexy times, into more sentimental and peaceful moments. A lot of my own music is in there, all of which is set to come out soon, as well as a sick track from Loif. I love the “let your self go” track around 32 mins—I would have myself a blast if I heard that in a club!

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