Published: 24 Mar 2013
- Axel Boman

Axel Boman is one of Stockholm's most animated DJs, and arguably their most hyped producer in house and techno circles at the minute, but for very good reason.

His quirky output and eclectic DJ sets, along with an audacious party boy attitude make him difficult not to like, and with productions of the calibre of his most well received singles Holy Love and Purple Drank, there’s little argument as to why he’s killing it on all fronts at the moment.

With his first Australian tour to begin in a couple of weekends Axel has taken some time to record the 86th episode of the series, and have a quick chat about the mix, his label Studio Barnhus, and a couple of DJs he can’t leave the dance floor for.. plus sounds like his debut album isn’t too far away, tip!

What have you been up to recently? Tell us what you’ve been working on and how often it is that you get some time to completely chill out.. and what you like to do most to fully maximise the chill?

I have been very busy! I dont remember having any time off.. I’ve been doing remixes, working with my popgroup Man Tear, working a lot on my album and playing almost every weekend. BUT, if I imagine time off I would be hanging out in Gröndal, my Stockholm neighbourhood with my girl and cooking Texas chili while sipping on barolo and eating nachos.

I read that you go through extreme patches of creativity as a producer.. Have you had a particularly creative period of late? Also, how does this work in terms of collaborations, do you find you usually work best solo?

Yes, it’s like a ketchup effect for me. I have long periods when I feel totally worthless and not good at anything then a burst of creativity hits me and I remember why its great to be “self employed” again.

Collaborations are really difficult for me, it has to be a situation where I feel totally safe and can be honest and dumb without feeling like someone will laugh at me when I leave the room. I can do that with Petter and John Talabot for example.

Your label Studio Barnhus is a hot topic at the moment thanks to some very well received recent releases, the first LP on the label is most definitely one of those.. What can you tell us about the artist Usio and the story behind that album finding its way onto the label?

Hmmm.. I think I will leave it up to the Usio guys to reveal themselves when they feel that they are ready for it, they are a bit shy. I first got some tracks of theirs a couple of years ago from Pär Grindvik, they totally blew my mind and I really wanted to know who they were. After a few years I finally got a chance to contact them and it turned out they had a treasure chest full of amazing music! I’m so happy for that release, and proud!!

I know you play some pretty eclectic and long sets around the world on the regular, as a DJ which of your DJ peers do you have the most respect for, and why?

There are some poeple that I’m afraid of leaving the dancefloor for when I hear them in case they will play some totally unexpected magic, people like DJ Koze, Michael Mayer, Kyle Hall, DJ Harvey, Andrew Weatherall.. ahh the list can go on and on..

What have you come up with for this mix? Where and how did you record it? Any special shout outs you would like to include?

I was thinking that I wanted include some old stuff, some new stuff and some weird stuff. And i wanted to make it “easy on the ears” yet a bit pre-party compatible? I was using vinyls and my friend’s Serato Scratch since I dont have any cd-players. I never used Serato much before and it was totally great! Not that i’ll get on the laptop train anytime soon but it was really fun.

What do you have coming up with your own productions, as well as on Studio Barnhus that you’re able to share with us?

I’m releasing a 12″ on DFA with my pop/dub/disco project Man Tear, my (debut!!) album on Studio Barnhus, some new weirdness with The Radioactive Orchestra and some remixes here and there. Happy days!!!!


Tim Toh – He Is a Dancer
Moomin – What My Eyes Can See
Long Arm – The Waterfall Inside Me (Robag Whrume Remix)
Heatsick – Dream Tennis (Young Marco Remix)
Anton Zap – Taj Mahal
DJ Koze – Track ID Anyone? Featuring Caribou
Garpovic – Andy C
Scherbe – Endlezz Cinema
Mysterious People – Love Revolution (Mood II Swing Remix 2)
Bell Towers – Tonight I’m Flying
Strange Attractor – Sudachi
Gerry Read – All By Myself
Emmanuel – Eternal Love
Qaadir – Get Into It (edit)
Marquis Hawkes – Divine Intervention
Tevo Howard – Content
Eleanor Mills – Same Routine (Al-Tone Edits)

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