Published: 5 Jan 2015
- Eric Duncan

Eric Duncan aka Dr. Dunks has been making people dance for a very long time. With a career spanning over more than 20 years, Dunks has built a reputation as an edits don, and one of the most sought after remixers of our generation.

In addition, Duncan’s various collaborative efforts over the years have equally defined him as an authority in the NYC club scene, just as they have in places like Europe and in Japan where he is especially well loved. As Still Going with Olivier Spencer, the duo were responsible for one of the most recognisable house records of the ’00s with their supremely catchy Still Going Theme. As Rub’ N’ Tug with Thomas Bullock, they were responsible for one of the most notorious all night loft parties in The Big Apple, and continue to make seriously good club records and DJ together on the regular.

Lately Dunks has been a busy boy releasing some of his most impressive disco edits to date and creating a bunch of dope workouts for Golf Channel with Dean Meredith from Chicken Lips as part of their The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr. Dunks project. For this podcast we have been treated to a different look inside the mind of the multi-talented Dr. Dunks, one we hope you thoroughly enjoy.

How’s things Eric? What have you been spending most of your time on these past couple of months?

Hello. I been traveling and DJing around as usual. Was in Mexico and Brazil earlier in the year then back to Mexico last month. Have had a bit of time at home since then and it’s given me time to work on a whole lotta new music.

What has been the general vibe from your sessions working with Dean Meredith from Chicken Lips on your The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr. Dunks colab? Have you guys jammed together in the past? What do you guys have coming up?

Dean is awesome. It’s funny after all these releases and all this time, we still have never met face to face. It’s a real ‘modern’ working relationship. So I guess that answers the question, have we ever jammed together. We just bounce ideas back n forth over the interweb. Like I said Dean is great and so are the vibes. We have two more singles just about ready to go. One is an original track with remixes by Marcelus Pittman & another by Bad News (Doug Lee & Ron Morelli). We just waiting on one of the remixes to be finished and then it’s ready. The other is two new tracks that are all mastered and should be out fairly soon.

Where are you and Thomas at with Rub N’ Tug at the moment, I read you began recording an album a while ago?

Me and Thomas still DJ together. We toured Japan last year and just played in Mexico last month. We played on Saturday in London as well. We recorded eight tracks about four years ago and its still in the process of being finished.. At a snails pace.. We gathered a group of our musician friends who used to all attend our loft parties in the day. That was a lot of fun. Three long days in the studio.. Good times.

From so many years in the game of digging for and collecting records, how do you approach your hunting these days? Especially for old music, are you still spending as much time raiding bargain bins in record stores or are you spending more time hunting online to find the rare stuff?

I still shop at second hand stores. A1 Records in NYC is my local. I am a lot more selective these days. So a couple times a month in a shop is good for me. Wherever I travel I am always looking for the “best” second hand shops in the various cities, if I have time of course. That seems to be enough for me. The only records I buy online are new things from Juno, Phonica or Piccadilly.

What have you come up with for this mix?

This mix is compiled of a bunch of “morning tunes”. A lot of these I never get a chance to play so it’s nice to air them out. You might hear one or two in a set of mine but never a full hour and 40 minutes of them.. Hahaha! I hope it’s ok.

Finally, what else do you have coming up this year?

I have a couple remixes coming out soon. One on DFA. The other I need to finish. Also a few original tunes. But I think what I am most excited about is a new project I started with Justin Vandervolgen. We recently jammed out for a few days in his studio and came out the other side wit something super fun… Stay tuned!

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