Published: 22 Nov 2019
- Saoirse

Moody house and electro from a UK festival favourite.

A 15 year veteran of the UK radio, club and festival scene and a seriously accomplished DJ with an ear for the undiscovered and a feel for those euphoric goose bump moments, we’re chuffed to throw it over to London’s Saoirse ahead of her upcoming Australian visit..

Hey Saoirse! How’s things over your way, what’s been keeping you busy of late?

Oooh, where to start, well I just launched an event series called Trust, my first show was recently at FOLD in London where I played all night long, was super happy how it turned out and we sold out so a good start! Now I am preparing for my next show on NYD that starts at 7am :D. As well as that I have my BBC Radio 1 show that I spend a lot of time trying to find undiscovered music for and of course touring and in the studio myself as well as trying to learn how to drive and speak Spanish. Olé!

You’ve become known for your ability to seamlessly move between genres throughout a set, showcasing a wide range of UK influences from right across the dance spectrum. As someone who was exposed to a whole host of DJs from an early age through your radio show in Dublin, who were some of the main people to inspire this kind of approach for you?

Well, I guess there are many people in my life who introduced me to great electronic music which I now fit into my sets, on a personal level there was my mum, my ex gf who has such an amazing and eclectic collection of music, working at RA gave me an insight into so much different types of electronic music and then on an artist level following people like Ben UFO, Mr Scruff, Ricardo Villalobos, Andrew Weatherhall and these kind of DJs who really aren’t afraid push boundaries in a set when it comes to different genres. They definitely inspired me.

Back in May you gave us the first glimpse into your own productions through a collab with Alex Anderson under the 2 Pisceans name for Midland’s label. Tell us how that one came about, and what else you might have in the pipeline on the production front?

Yes myself and Alex lived together so we always were writing music, we felt an alias was more suitable for that record as it’s quite different to other music we write personally and what I play. I have a lot of other bits in the pipeline I just need to get off my arse and finish them, maybe I should put those Spanish lessons on hold. No Olé.

Having become somewhat of a sunrise set specialist in recent years, you’ve spoken before about trying to pack the most goose-bump inducing records when preparing for these special occasions. From your sunrise sets in recent memory, what are some of the feel-heavy records that brought about these kind of moments?

Hmmm, well funnily enough I feel like I put this mix together with that sunshine element in mind. The first track on the mix is definitely something I think could cause goosebumps in the right moment…

What can you tell us about this mix you’ve recorded for us? Any special tracks in there you would like to mention?

It was kind of weird because I had to pretend to be somewhere else when I put this together, it was cold and about 5 degrees here in London but I wanted to it feel like it was summer. So I closed my eyes when listening back and tried to see if it felt like summer and I think it kind of does. 😀 Hope you do too!

You’re out in Australia at the end of the month for a few festival dates, will this be your first time out here? What else do you have planned?

Yes first time, I hope my Irish skin can bear it! Super excited to run away from winter and take in some of sights of the outback. If you or your readers have any suggestions for Melbourne or Sydney then please DM me!

What else do you have coming up to close out the year?

I play in Asia after I leave Aus, then a couple more shows in Dec and then the big one on NYD in London. If anyone fancies flying over from AUS for it I will put them on the guest list :p

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