Published: 10 Feb 2015
- Genius Of Time

Göteborg's Alexander Berg and Nils Krogh have led the way for Swedish live house outfits in the last year, playing gigs around the world with an orchestra full of vintage drum machines and synthesizers, weaving their deep intergalactic house grooves with a distinctly human touch.

The duo, more commonly known as Genius Of Time, are currently on tour in Australia for the first time, alongside their label mate Fabian Bruhn, sharing the Aniara Recordings vibes with Aussie crowds in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Whilst enjoying the Melbourne scenery, the guys have managed to fit in time to record a DJ mix full of their own unreleased original music and edits, complete with some unmistakably Melbourne street sounds!

You guys are in Australia for the first time after arriving late last week, after a few days how has it compared to your expectations or any pre-conceived ideas you might have had before coming here?

The first thought we both had when arriving here was that the cities (we’ve been to Sydney and Melbourne so far) looked like an interesting mix between Asian big cities and the wild west. We were expecting more dangerous animals though, preparing for a full on war; Man vs. beast, but so far we haven’t even seen a spider. We feel quite safe now and have put our guards down!

I know your live set is still a relatively new addition to your repertoire, and quite unique in the fact that you don’t use a computer to sequence.. I know you’ve mentioned that it is actually easier for you in some ways to perform without a laptop being involved, can you elaborate a bit on that?

Yeah we feel it’s easier because we now have one machine per sound, instead of having to control a bunch of different parts from the same source which can be a bit confusing. It’s sort of like having our own little orchestra of machines that we conduct; drummers, bass player, synth-robots. Just having everything separated like that makes improvisation easier.

Everything is based on step sequencing so it’s quite easy to be spontaneous and punch in patterns on the fly etc. That being said – people do some amazing stuff on laptops as well, but we were not very comfortable with it which is really the only reason why we aren’t using them live.

You’ve been throwing Aniara label parties in Sweden for some time now, often mini outdoor ‘raves’ with a couple of hundred people. Tell us about the concept behind those parties and how they originated for you guys?

The outdoor parties we’ve been doing in Gothenburg with Fabian was a way for us to create a setting to play music in a way we found hard doing in normal venues. You can create such great atmosphere in the Swedish nature. Sound and light do so well outdoors. People would come to the parties with more of an open mind than they would in one of the regular venues, which allows for more adventurous DJing.

What can you tell us about this podcast, what is the idea behind the mix and how and where was it recorded?

For this podcast, we thought it’d be fun to showcase a bit what we’re working on at the moment. All songs in this mix are made by us except for 3 tracks that are edits we did of other peoples music. We made some of these songs together, some separately. Some might be released some might not. Some are even works in progress and it’s quite seldom we let people in before the process is finished. A little bit scary but also cool because there’s such a small portion of what we do that we end up putting out on record. The mix was recorded at New Guernica, a club here in Melbourne.

We went in before opening and recorded the mix with 2 CDJs and a mixer. Another thing we did to make it more special is that we recorded street sounds and stuff here that we used to create an intro for the podcast. You can hear us actually walking into the club and playing the first song.

Finally, where can we catch you playing this weekend?

We’re playing 2 live shows this weekend. Friday at Liberty Social in Melbourne for an Aniara showcase with Fabian djing and Saturday at Sugar Club in Adelaide. Looking forward to it!

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