Published: 14 Jul 2022
- Montana

Seaside breezers from the coast out West! Montana delivers a blend for the ages.

Ahoy! We’re thrilled to share with you the latest dreamy transmission from our friend from the West, Montana! An all out relaxation degustation full of sun-kissed grooves and beachside nostalgia, the host of the lovingly curated Personal Space series offers us the ultimate afternoon accompaniment, awash with heavenly atmospheres and sensual vocal cuts from the hedonistic days of yore. Paradise awaits, just don’t forget to hydrate!

Hey Monty, lovely to have you on here! Please tell us a bit about what you wanted to record for this mix, what kind of sounds / feelings / moods may have inspired it and what are some of your favourite moments along the way?

Hey Myles! Thanks so much for having me, feeling very honoured & humbled to be presented alongside such esteemed selectors.

With this mix I wanted to try break it up into a couple different parts consisting of differing thoughts & feelings. And I suppose as a slow build which is coherent with a sense of story too. The beginning as a sort of reflection of acknowledging something or someone that needs to be let go of, slowly moving and winding between downtempo atmospheric sounds with lots of space and room for contemplation and reflection. Then navigating through to a place of now, where we find the pace start to build to a more consistent flow, reflecting the day to day but still with offerings of introspection.

The last part acts as a sense of closure but in way of optimism, hope & excitement. I see the mix as a story of where my life is currently situated and the importance of reflection, letting go & longing for the excitement of the future. My favourite moments would have to be the Pet Shop Boys edit of ‘DJ Culture’ and Jonis Butterfly ‘A Bad Taste Of Honey’, the shift in the track from a 4×4 beat to atmospheric breaks hits me deeply, one track with two very different feelings.

Tell us about the idea behind the Perth/Boorloo focussed mix series that you curate called Personal Space, from what I can gather it’s quite an intimate affair.. Who else (if anyone) is involved, and where have you found yourselves recording the mixes so far? Also what have you personally enjoyed the most about the project to date?

Personal Space, is a community dedicated & focused mix series, revolving around people from the city. I invite the person into my house, with a bunch of other close friends to record the mix. It’s a super intimate affair! The concept and ethos is loosely based around music that is inherently personal to the selector, music that you may play around your house, when by yourself, a glimmer and insight into the music that has shaped that person in one way or another. Removed from a dancefloor club style environment allows space for reflection & comfort. Thus, Personal Space!

It is just myself who runs the series, with notable mentions to my housemates for helping me set up and pack down each time & also Josh Hills for the brand identity & design. My favourite part about the series is getting to see a very raw and stripped back, often vulnerable and emotional side to the selector. We often may see these people play in clubs or bars where the music may not always allow for that type of introspection, but giving these people the space and time to show this side has been super rewarding and eye-opening.

Also the day itself when we record, where there are a bunch of friends just hanging out in the backyard or living room, chatting, sharing laughs and listening to a very special and personal soundtrack to the setting. It’s always such a beautiful coming together of people.

I see you’re playing back over our way with Adriana at her notorious Spasta party at The Night Cat next weekend, what vibes might be in store for that little number, and what else are you hoping to get upto while in town?

Yes I am! I’m so excited for it, have heard and seen such great things. I think I’m still in a bit of developmental stage for the set but I always like to have a lot of fun with dance club sets, so without giving literally anything away you’ll just have to come down and see how the journey of the night unfolds! Will be spending time catching up with friends and also playing at Waxflower on the Sunday. It’ll be short but oh so sweet!

What else do you have coming up that you would like to tell us about?

You know what they say, “big things coming!” Lots more Personal Space mixes, a little DJ trip to Bali and coming back to Naarm for a very special extended party in November that I don’t think I can announce just yet.

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