Published: 12 Feb 2015
- Softwar

Our Sydney hombres Softwar, known to the authorities as Jeremy Lloyd and Myles du Chateau, are two easy going mates, known mainly for their dope selections and crazy shirts, but also for some pretty hot records and remixes over the last couple of years, and a string of talked about parties with their brothers in arms Slow Blow.

With a new 12″ coming out on their agency’s imprint Modular Records, and a bunch of parties in different cities already in the pipeline, twenty-thirteen should be another cracker for these chaps, and their addition to the Deepcast is one more reason we have to celebrate.

We caught up with Softwar’s Jeremy Lloyd to get the scoop..

Last time we saw you guys we were drinking aged Scotch and enjoying a panoramic view of Sydney Harbour at a penthouse kick-on that resembled something out of the movie Swordfish. Have the last couple of months been just as crazy?

Yeh we seem to keep finding ourselves invited to these amazing places. It’s always nice to wake up to an ocean view i guess.

Tell us about your love affair with the Slow Blow boys, when did you ‘know’, and what have been your highlights of the year at the Slow Blow parties you’re involved in down at Goodgod Small Club?

We’ve been friends with those chaps for a pretty bloody long time, when they decided to start doing their own parties and I guess it seemed natural for us to come on board as the residents.
The third birthday party with Matias Aguayo was the highlight for me. Mushrooms and Aguayo – nothing could beat that.

You’ve put out a couple of records this year for labels like local heavyweight Future Classic and Jolly Jams out of Germany, what else have you been working on studio wise and where do you usually start when writing tunes together?

We have an EP for Modular coming out very soon, it’s taken a bit longer than we would have liked but we needed to be completely happy with everything before we have it up, so to speak.
Normally we sit down with a couple of beers and start bashing away at the keyboard then see where we end up. I think that’s how we haven’t ended up splitting up like so many others – it’s still more about fun for us.

You guys have been down to Melbourne regularly this year, often on the road with the Slow Blow chaps.. How have the parties you’ve held at New Guernica been received? Can we expect more in 2013?

They have been good fun. We have plans to do more regular things down in Melbourne this year with a few exciting ideas bouncing around that we can’t talk about just yet!

What can you tell us about this mix? Who are some of the artist’s featuring which you’d like to make special mention to?

The mix is more of a collection of different types of house that we are enjoying at the moment. It jumps from moody to up beat and back again pretty quickly. It features one of our favorite artists of last year, Jason Grove. Killer house producer on Skylax’s sub-label Wax Classic.

What else is on the horizon for you gig wise, as well as parties you’ll be hosting in the coming months which you can tell us about?

We are planning a big release party for the start of March which will go down in Sydney and hopefully we will do one in Melbourne and Radelaide as well. There is also an idea in the pipeline to do a warehouse party with a certain Melbourne record label at a space in Sydney at some point over the next couple of months.

The big one though will be Myles’ bucks night.

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