Published: 18 Jul 2016
- Bastien Carrara

Raw house cuts from Apron Records' newest heavy hitter.

We stumbled across the tape driven sounds of Bastien Carrara via FunkinEven’s forever on point Apron Records earlier this year, with his sample heavy three-tracker featuring the supremely catchy Summa Breez quickly becoming one of our favourite finds of the year to date. The Paris based producer who’s also become a staple for Fulbert’s uncompromising Rawthenticity label arrives with an hour of chunky house featuring a forthcoming MPC jam that shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

So there’s not a huge amount known about you already, can you start by giving us a bit of a backstory, where you’re currently based, and how you got into making the music you are today?

Yes I’m keeping a low profile and let the music speak for itself.. I’m currently based in Paris. I started producing 6-7 years ago while hearing more and more stuff I loved in electronic music.

Listening to your music it sounds as though you’re as influenced by Detroity MPC beats as you are the industrial house and techno of producers like The Analogue Cops. Who are some of the producers that have most inspired your current approach?

Let’s say Omar S, DJ Jacuzziy, DJ SCSI, Kyle Hall, FunkinEven, Jay Daniel, John FM, Ray Parker Jr… Just to name a few..

We first came across your music a few months back thanks to your brilliant EP for Steven Julien’s (aka FunkinEven) label Apron Records, which happens to be one of our absolute favourite house labels. Tell us about how you guys linked up, and how those three particular tracks became the Apron EP.

I just sent him an email with my demos, luckily he listened to the tracks haha. He had a bunch of demos and thought these 3 cuts were the perfect combo.

What can you tell us about this mix you’ve put together? Who are some of the artists featured?

It’s a dancefloor selection, stuff I like to play out. You can hear some tracks from DJ SCSI, DJ Rush, Kanabis The Edit Assassin, Theo Parrish…

What do you have coming up next, any new records we should keep an eye out for?

Up next is an EP for Rawthenticity, should be out in September. One of my favorite labels out there.

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