Published: 14 Nov 2017
- Adi Toohey

A joyous hour of leftfield house with one of Sydney's favourite tastemakers.

For this episode we throw it over to our longtime pal and DJ Adi Toohey who has steadily become one of Sydney’s busiest underground operators, DJing at all of the best parties, hosting her weekly Saturday Sunset show on FBi, working at The Record Store, putting on dope warehouse parties with her Rimbombo collective whilst managing a teaching degree all at the same time… Through her show on FBi, which has been blessing Sydney’s airwaves every Saturday evening since 2014, Adi has become one of the station’s most trusted sources of house, disco, techno and electro from the past four decades, while inviting regular guests the likes of Rahaan, FunkinEven, Tornado Wallace, D. Tiffany and Project Pablo to drop by for a mix and chat. Her contribution here is a continuously grooving affair full of early 90s UK house tracks, deep slinky acidic numbers and broken beat balearic euphoria. Enjoy!

Hey Adi! How’s things? What have you been up to?

Hey Myles! To be honest, the last few months have been pretty turbo. I’ve been polishing off my teaching degree and trying to keep up with lesson planning, classes, weekend gigs, radio and record store work. I’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel though, and am looking forward to snorkelling around the bay and reading books for the next couple of months.

Your Sunset show on FBi Radio has been running every Saturday evening since 2014.. which really is no mean feat! After doing it weekly for so long, what keeps you motivated to continue turning up each week with a stack of new music.. I’m guessing FBi is kind of like family to you these days?

Getting involved in FBi Radio has opened so many doors for me, and not only musical ones! I’ve always loved digging deep into sale crates and producers’ back catalogues so it’s never been a chore coming up with 2 hours of music a week. It’s also the perfect excuse to invite all my favourite artists to come hang out, drink beers and play music together. That definitely keeps me on my toes and feeling inspired.

Tell us about the Rimbombo collective, which I believe you operate alongside three other like minded party instigators between Sydney and London, and have most recently been throwing some great bi-monthly parties at Freda’s. How did you get involved with the crew, and what is coming up next for you guys?

I met James and Declan when they were running Rimbombo together in 2014, and we clicked pretty quickly. Fast forward two years and Declan had moved to London where he still flies the Rimbombo flag, while James adopted me and Earl Grey into the local chapter as a way to air our records and give back to our community of dancers and musicians. We’re still reeling from the latest warehouse jam with DJ Sports and Central from Denmark, but the plan for now is to continue our bi-monthly residence at Freda’s and reach out to a few international artists we admire and see what comes of it.


I heard you chatting with RA recently about throwing warehouse parties in Sydney’s Inner West as a result of the continued lockouts, and some of the challenges as well as opportunities they can bring.. Do you feel that even if the lockouts were to hopefully be overturned one day, that this resurrected culture of uninhibited raving in secret locations would remain given the freedoms they offer?

Popular rhetoric around the lockouts and Sydney’s current political climate can be pretty depressing so it was nice to hear RA frame it as something which has enabled the resurgence of warehouse clubbing. I’m not sure about the future of this style of party though, won’t we all be sitting at home plugged into our Google glasses on a Saturday night by the time they repeal those laws?

What else is coming up to close out the year?

Stoked to be billed alongside Hunee and Antal for the Rush Hour 20 Year Anniversary party and I’ve got an all nighter lined up at Freda’s in a couple of weeks. I’m also excited for Rimbombo to play at the inaugural Freedom Time Sydney early next year 🙂

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve put together for us? Any special tracks you would like to share?

Keeping the tracklist hush for this one but I’d love to extend a shout out to one of my regular listeners Stephen Porter who recommended me the Murk production that ended up in this mix, as well as Simon Caldwell who showed me the Howie B track and taught me at least half of what I know about dance music today. Big love to Condesa Electronics for building my lovely Lucia mixer and to you for the invite to contribute to MDC, one of the biggest reasons I packed up my life in Sydney and spent 2012 in Melbourne.

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