Published: 28 Dec 2016
- Shanti Celeste

A much loved Bristol party starter sets the mood.

If you’re like us and have a soft spot for party focussed DJs that regularly deliver colourful mixes of floor friendly house, electro, disco and everything in between, Bristol selector Shanti Celeste should be on your radar by now. Her classy house and Detroit electro inspired records for heavyweights like Apron, Future Times, Broadwalk and her own BRSTL – the label she created alongside Idle Hands founder Chris Farrell – have seen her jump up the ranks in just a couple of short years, capping off many more years of hard work behind the scenes with her own Housework parties and DJing around Bristol. Making her way to Australia for the first time this weekend, we caught up and she’s put together a deep dance mix for our final MDC of the year.

Hey Shanti, what have you been up to? You recently moved to Berlin right, is it feeling like home just yet?

I have been up to no good! Hehe, Just travelling a lot and playing a lot really! I’ve also been knitting and cooking lots too, in my spare time! Knitted a scarf!! And obvs been in the studio as well. Berlin is starting to feel more like home but it’s hard when I go away every weekend ya’no! but its a great city and I love my place and my friends there, so all is good, I’m sure I will be totally settled soon!

You’ve also recently announced that your new home for original material will be your very own label, Peach Discs, featuring your own quirky paintings on the record sleeves as well as the music of some talented producer friends. What else can you tell us about it? Will it be a vinyl only thing?

It’s going to be my main home but I’d still like to do stuff elsewhere every now and then, if the opportunity arises. Im not sure about the vinyl only thing just yet, haven’t decided.. still making some last minute decisions but I’m always changing my mind about stuff!! But yes, the general idea is to release music that I love and makes me happy and want to dance, from friends and friends of friends…it’s pretty simple! And the artwork is just a way of combining things together really! I love to paint I studied illustration at university (for a year lol) and its something I never get to do that yay!!

Whilst living back in Bristol, you spoke about a lacking supply of good quality, mid-sized clubs, making your decision to move from there a little easier. With Berlin being home to quite a number of them, have you got any plans to get back into the party throwing game next year?

I still throw parties in Bristol with some friends, there is a great space there that we use which is 250 capacity called the Prison Cells, but there is just not enough of them really! We are doing a party at Sameheads in Berlin on the 10th of Feb though which should be fun!!

What can you tell us about this mix you’ve put together for us?

Well.. it’s just lots of tracks I like!! Thought I’d start a bit faster and wind down a bit at the end, but with some fun and funky bits, I hope you like it!!

We know you’re coming out to Australia over the new years period, will this be your first time out here? Where can people catch you playing?

Yes it’s my first time!! woooohooo!! I’m so excited! Although pretty terrified of the journey there! I’m playing first in Adelaide then Melbourne for NYD, and then finally….Sydney!!!! I want to hug a Koala!!

What else is coming up?

Well, after Australia im going to visit family in Chile for a month, and then to Brazil!! for Dekmantel in Sao Paulo..really looking forward to that! Can’t wait to get some sun!!! and then straight back to Berlin for the party at Sameheads I was telling you about! There are also some exciting releases lined up for next year! So keep your eyes peeled!!

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