Published: 10 Feb 2015
- Edd Fisher

We're keeping it local for the latest addition, enlisting the famously long locked DJ and PBS 106.7FM radio host who has become one of the most in demand support DJs in the city since taking up the craft in 2010.

Not just a hit with the ladies, Edd Fisher’s taste for disco, funk and a range of electronic music is second to none and can be enjoyed on a weekly basis on his radio show Tomorrowland on PBS, or his summer long Roof to Reel party at the iconic Rooftop Bar on top of Melbourne’s Curtain House.

This weekend saw Edd DJing on a tram for Red Bull Music Academy as part of the Melbourne Music Week festivities, taking a light plane to play at Strawberry Fields festival and hosting the Wax’o Paridiso crew at Roof to Reel, amongst a bunch of other supporting roles. With the madness now over, we caught up with Edd to get the scoop and he’s put together one of the most enjoyable podcasts we have received for some time.

What have you been up to? I know you spent some time in Europe not so long ago, what were the highlights?

Making plans for summer has been the focus recently, putting together a new season of Roof To Reel, managing bookings and planning some other parties. It’s been a busy couple of months with radio and gigs too.

I did venture to Europe earlier in the year, over the course of my travels I ended up DJing a couple of times and buying a crate of records but the focus was primarily a holiday. A highlight has to be DJing alongside Bradley Zero and Joel Martin at Rhythm Section in London. Bradley is coming back to Melbourne this summer and we are hoping to throw Rhythm Section Down Under in collaboration with Wax’o Paradiso!

Your weekly Roof To Reel party which is broadcasted on PBS Melbourne is back again for the summer. What can you tell us about how the idea was born and who are some of the guests you’ve had to play?

This year marks Roof To Reels third season. The idea spawned when Rooftop asked me to propose an idea for Sunday afternoons over the summer period. The crux of the event is a recorded live mix series of local Melbourne DJ’s which then goes on to be broadcast on my radio show Tomorrowland on PBS106.7FM. It’s a great way to celebrate local DJs through community radio and get some great unique content for listeners at the same time. Over the three years we have had some international guests come up and play including Teebs, Strange Loop and Lefto but primarily the focus is on local DJs.

This year the format has changed slightly and every week a different music collective is coming up. You can expect to see crews like, The Operatives, Animals Dancing, This Thing, A Colourful Storm and Two Bright Lakes joining us on a sunday!

For a DJ you have a reasonably unique musical background in studying jazz composition at university. Is that something you’re still involved in? Was it jazz that led you to discovering your love for funk, disco and electronic music?

Composition in the traditional sense of working with musicians is not something I have been involved with since graduating university. The skill sets and having a compositional background has helped my DJing in the way you understand musical devices and hear an extended narrative. Production is around the corner for me and I’m sure it will help that too!

Jazz and composition were certainly catalysts for exploring funk, soul and disco music, there was a lot of crossover and naturally they evolved from one another. My love of disco and electronic music came late. It was only after I started DJing in at the start of 2010 that I started exploring electronica in depth.

Being a vinyl guy, where are you finding your best bits of late? Do you frequent any stores around the city or are you finding most things online?

The internet is always first port of call for new music. The trick with records seems to be getting in quick, a lot of good music disappears if you sleep. I shop at a variety of local stores, generally have a weekly order at Profile Music and try to attend as many vinyl fairs as possible.

What can you tell us about the mix?

This mix is a selection of songs that I’ve been playing out recently. It was recorded live in my living room. I like to imagine a context for a mix in terms of a physical space before I record it. This one is somewhere between a club and what I would want to hear in my living room. A happy medium.

What do you have coming up over summer?

I will be at Rooftop Bar every Sunday afternoon for Roof To Reel and Wax’o Paradiso is one to look out for, we’re planning a couple of parties over the warmer months! Some other highlights in the summer calendar include playing the interstitial soundtrack at Meredith in the supernatural amphitheatre, Let Them Eat Cake, supporting Shed for Melbourne Music Week in the Residence, Strawberry Fields, The Red Bull Music Academy Tram Jam and playing after the countdown for the City of Melbourne’s NYE celebrations.

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