Published: 21 Aug 2015
- Baba Stiltz

Stockholm represent.

On the eve of his 22nd birthday, Stockholm’s latest funky sensation is in Australia for the first time on the back of some incredibly dope releases on Studio Barnhus and a growing reputation for making one hell of a party. Already considered somewhat of a veteran player in Stockholm after performing and producing since the the ripe old age of 12, Baba Stiltz moves to his own beat. His music has an edginess to it that can’t really be described, but can be instantly felt in each of his wildly varied offerings, be it solo or with collaborating buddies like Pedrodollar or Yung Lean. With shows in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney across the weekend, Baba has given us a taste of what’s currently doing the rounds in his record bag, aided by the futuristic wails of his new Korg Monotron and a few hometown exclusives to boot.

What have you been up to?

Been playing records and hanging out, good times..

You’ve become a big part of the Studio Barnhus family in recent times, tell us about how this all came about?

Met the guys in stockholm somehow. Barnhus holds it down and they do it big. Any chance I have to work with them is a blessing yo!

Besides from the Studio Barnhus guys, who are some other DJs or crews in Stockholm that have inspired you to do your thing, or that we should be keeping tabs on at the moment?

Peace to the gods Daniel Savio, Pavan and Mika Snickers. Also the Born Free crew, Karlovak and Darin. RIP Sean Price.

I see you’ve been throwing some regular parties in Stockholm alongside Samo DJ where you guys are known for laying down anything from rap to ‘Nordic Rave’, what can you tell us about those nights?

Samo and I just have a good time at the local spot Brillo. Some heavy action has gone down this summer believe me!

Listeners of Axel Boman’s latest Beats In Space guest mix may have noticed some tracks by ‘Whispers Beirut’ appearing in the mix, what are you able to tell us about that project?

Whispers Beirut has some dope tunes. People will hear more soon enough.

What kind of things inspire you when selecting records for a mix, and what can you tell us about this one you’ve put together for us?

Feel it don’t think it! Play it don’t say it…

What’s coming up after your whirlwind Aussie adventure?

My b-day, some euro gigs and a string of releases before 2016.

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