Published: 2 May 2017
- Flørist

Subtle dreamscapes mark the end of a dreary Vancouver winter.

Having had the pleasure of hosting his first show in Melbourne last year, it was pretty clear to us that there’s something in the freezing water in Vancouver at the minute. Logan Sturrock aka Flørist is one of the latest of a string of Vancouver based artists to break through, sharing his dreamy house with the world through familiar favourites like All Caps, Pacific Rhythm and the new World Building imprint – labels that are constantly unearthing fresh talent from the Pacific North West and beyond. With the desolate Canadian winter having recently drawn to a close and the sun finally shining, Flørist provides the perfect soundtrack to a changing of the seasons.

Hey Logan, what’s been happening in sunny Vancouver?

Heya! Today is actually sunny! The winter has been long and miserable, but because of all the snow and rain, the plants are blooming and it’s beautiful. The chill has left the breeze and the birds sing all day. I have been hibernating for the past few months while working on some new things, playing a few shows around the PNW region (Pacific North West) and planning out the rest of 2017.

Speaking of sunny Vancouver, RA recently described your latest record for Pacific Rhythm as ‘the sound of an overcast summer’. What can you tell us about that cheekily named Dvote and how it came about?

Haha, yes. That sound. I’m interested about how in gospel house music the lyrics can be interpreted as either about love / devotion to a higher power or to someone or something else. It’s insane to think how much “Show Me Love” has been flipped and remixed and how the original is still such an amazing song. I think that is a testament to its versatility – how it can be heard in a number of ways without being any one thing in particular. All the best things in life are like that. Shout out to Robin S!

Your latest full EP Windows On The World arrived as the second release on Ari Goldman’s new label World Building via a new alias of yours. How would you describe your V. Rosso alter ego, and what was the general idea behind this little gem of a record?

Oh man. Well I was just playing with layering different influences and references. V. Rosso is like another layer. I always think it’s funny when you get a record that says something like “DJ Whoever presents Project X” and it’s just the same producer. I never understood making some alias project for yourself that’s so closely related in style and then still giving your original alias credit. The title Windows On The World is reference to a restaurant that doesn’t exist anymore. If you search for it online you can find out more. Pretty fascinating. All the tracks are based around references to New York, Detroit and Italo House sounds and how we can never go back in time. lol. But art is like time travelling so whatever. It was really cool working with Ari. He has a great sense of humour.

How did you approach this mix, and what are some of the hidden treasures we might find in there?

I just pressed record and tried not to think because I always over think things. Speaking of aliases there’s a Chiapet track in there that I really enjoy. All the records are quite easy to find. Look out for that Bossa Nova track on Moontown!

What’s coming up next for Westside Flørist?

Whats next… In my immediate future I’m playing a few shows overseas in May and June and planning my relocation to Glasgow for a little while. I feel at home there. Terrible weather. Beyond that stuff just continuing my lifelong search for the most exotic dance floors in the world – get in touch if you hear of anything spicy.

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