Published: 5 Oct 2016
- Adam Feingold

The Apron and 1080p producer continues his ascension with a mix packed with summer jams spanning boogie, afro, disco and 90s house.

Montreal bad man Adam Feingold has been on fire of late, weaving his magic through millennial downbeat realms for 1080p under his interplanetary alter ego Ex-Terrestrial, and just this week following up his 2014 debut for FunkinEven’s Apron Records with Ascension, a dizzying two track club record that is perhaps his best yet. Here he moves between dusty boogie, disco and afro finds with a splash of late night euphoria to add yet another exclamation point to what has been a definitive 2016.


You’ve just released your latest EP for FunkinEven’s supremely classy Apron Records with some epic acid tinged peak time gear…. How did you approach a follow up EP for the label, was there any kind of added expectation this time around?

Ascension seems to me to be the logical progression from the last one I did on Apron. It’s definitely a familiar sound, but it also expands on the pallet a bit. Still that soulful sound. There wasn’t really an expectation of a follow up, just an understanding that the door is open and the connection is there. That’s what’s so cool about Stevie; It’s all very natural, nothing is ever forced.

Back around the time of your first release in 2014 you spoke of a deep movement taking place in your home city Montreal, with labels like Forbidden Planet, Booma Collective and your own Temple imprint keeping the creative juices bubbling away and inspiring the city’s artists. How have things progressed since then, do you feel as though the city is on the map now more than ever?

Things have only gotten better since then! It’s not the same groups as before but there’s been so much activity and a lot of new heads contributing to the scene. There’s a feeling I get these days of people coming together in the best way possible, meaning that we’re not all doing the same thing but that the overarching goal is to keep the scene alive and keep it interesting and positive and cool. I feel very optimistic about the future here.

Speaking of Temple, the label you’ve been co-running with a few other like minds since last year, is the plan to keep that as a limited run, low key outlet for friends to release on? What’s coming up next?

You got the idea, yeah. No rush there, we just wait for the right tunes to arise. We’re looking into starting a sub-label and jumping into another zone with that. We shall see how that goes. Peace to all Temple heads.

You released a stunning 12” for 1080p under your Ex-Terrestrial alias earlier in the year and have recorded a couple of immersive mixes spanning all things ambient and obscure under the name, tell us about the idea behind the otherworldly alter ego and what plans you might have for him next?

Thank you man, means a lot. I’m into a lot of different kinds of music. I dig a lot, listen a lot, so that project was just about inviting Ex-T to come through and do his thing. At the end of the day he is his own person so I don’t bother him. When he wants to come hang he will. Definitely hoping for some more ones from him in the near future.

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve put together for us?

I hadn’t done a proper dance mix in a while, and I really just wanted to do that, so I did the best job of pretending I was in a club as I could do in my living room. Mostly records I’ve dug in Montreal and Toronto. It’s a pretty accurate snapshot of what my sets are like these days. Boogie, late 80’s stuff, early house, afro stuff, 90s vocal house, a splash of techno. Chase that down with some break-boink and you got yourself a diabolical shimmy.

What else is coming up before the year is out?

Nothing crazy man. I feel like I’ve done a good bit this year. Gonna take the time now to focus on playing out and getting inspired.

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