Published: 5 Jan 2015
- Norm Talley

It's only been since 2009 that Norm Talley has become widely known for his music around the world, thanks to solid releases on labels like Third Ear, Sushitech and Mixmode, but that by no means should understate his legendary DJ status in his hometown of Detroit.

Known to have recorded over 400 mix CDs and a further 500 or more to tape since first buying a pair of turntables in the mid 80s, Norm Talley has stayed true to his raw and soulful house and techno for more than 25 years, and these days is revered amongst a new generation of Detroit house heads. Along with his Beatdown brothers Delano Smith and Mike ‘Agent X’ Clark, Norm now champions the original Detroit house sound they created together all those years ago in places like London, Berlin and Paris, which has become a second home of sorts. This year Norm is on the verge of launching his new label Upstairs Asylum Recordings, and no doubt will put out another couple of must have 12″s – a tradition he has been able to uphold every year since his career was successfully relaunched five years ago.

What have you been up to Norm? How was your time over in Europe last year and where did you play?

Working on new productions for 2014. Had a great time in Europe in 2013 and played at WaterGate in Berlin, Wanderlust in Paris, Fabric in London, Prince Charles in Berlin, Overground Fest, Switzerland and Katapult in Paris.

I know you’ve been flying the Detroit house music flag since the very beginning back in the mid 80s but for many outsiders its only been in the last 4 or 5 years that your music has been fully appreciated, was that a matter of a lot of hard work finally paying off?

I think it was a combination of hard work an doing some license deals with European labels such as Sushi Tech, Partier, Landed Recordings, Rue De Plaisance, Third-Ear, Dockside, Phorma, MiniMood, SlowTown, Esperanza, Vibes an Pepper, Syncrophone.

I know you’re still pushing vinyl as much as anyone in Detroit, is that something you can ever see changing? Are you still taking as much with you when travelling these days?

Vinyl 4 Life!!!! I do carry vinyl always and my sets are normally 50/50! Always so many great unreleased projects an remixes on CD/digital that I prefer to use both!!

What projects have you been working on recently in the studio, and do you still regularly get together with the other Beatdown guys to collaborate when everyone is around?

New projects for 2014 include the launch of Upstairz Asylum Recordings (Detroit), a new label which I am starting. Also a 12 inch on Mixmode Recordings, a Delano Smith imprint and a Sushitech Release, a NDATL 12 inch and a remix for Alton Miller on Landed Recordings.

What have you come up with for this podcast?

This podcast is from the archives of the Asylum. 30 years Deep!!!!

Who are some of the artists that feature in the mix?<

Chris Grey and Kenny Dixon Jr.

What else do you coming up soon?

Upstairz Asylum Recordings (Detroit).. Vinyl 4 Life!!!!

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