Published: 6 Jun 2017
- Roza Terenzi

A nod to the rave with one of Melbourne's latest breakthrough talents.

Shifting gears last year to resettle in Melbourne after carefully honing her sound and performing around the country as Catlips, former Perth local Katie Campbell’s latest musical conception marks her transition from the lounge to the rave, a new direction and a new outlet for the plethora of experimental sounds currently making her tick. Showcasing some of the sounds driving the new Roza Terenzi alter ego, Katie takes us on a wild ride through the murky underbelly of electro, 90s techno, rave, jungle, breakbeat, ambient and dubbed out house.

Katie! How are you? You made the big move over to Melbourne from Perth not all that long ago, what was behind the move and how have you been settling in?

Sup mate, I am great thanks. Yeah, after a few years of coming over to play I decided it was time to make the move. I love Perth but it’s time for something new! Been settling in really nicely so far, I have always loved this city and it’s been really easy to adjust to call it home.

For the last few years you were making music and performing under a different alias… tell us about this new chapter, how does Roza Terenzi differ musically and what kind of sounds have inspired this latest project?

I guess I started producing tracks under my old alias Catlips about five years ago and spent most of that time experimenting, learning how to produce, and just throwing stuff out there. I decided it was time to start with something new because my production has developed quite a bit over those years, and now is finally at a point where I’m actually closer to making the sound I want to be outputting. This project has a much more focused vibe in terms of my tracks and also my DJ sets, which although share some similar elements to my older stuff, are definitely more focused around the club.

You have a forthcoming record due out on the consistently brilliant Perth label Good Company Records, what can we be expecting from your debut R.Terenzi EP?

Yep! I guess my first release is made up of stuff that was the first real acknowledgement of a new project for me. I made the tracks end of 2015/start of 2016 so I’m really stoked to see them finally coming out. Weird house, field recordings, electro breaksy kind of thing, a little different to what I’m making now but still relevant to where I’m at. It also features a remix from Jayda G, using elements from the other three tracks!

Tell us about this mix you’ve put together for us… what are some of the records in there we should keep an ear out for?

This mix is basically a mash of everything I’ve been listening to and playing out at the moment, and I guess what usually influences me when I make music. An overload of genres… house, electro, breaks, experimental, trance, ambient, techno, jungle.. I don’t know call it whatever you want, I feel like all the tracks come together with a similar kind of bleepy/90’s aesthetic which is pretty much at the core of everything I like. I’d keep an ear out for the real ravey/bleepy electro stuff 2/3rd of the way in..but there are some unreleased tracks from Rory McPike, D.Tiffany and myself to scope out too.

What else is coming up?

A few great DJ shows supporting Legowelt, Lipelis and Vakula in Melbourne, a trip to Vancouver in August and more music releases which you can find out about soon!

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