Published: 10 Feb 2015
- Hunee

After starting the project over 4 years ago we've had the privilege of releasing mixes from a plethora of our favourite artists from home and from cities like Berlin, London, New York, Barcelona, Hamburg and now for the first time, Los Angeles.

After some deliberation, but not too much, we unanimously concluded that the DJ best suited to take us into the next century of podcasts would be none other than Mr. Hun Choi, aka Hunee, a new resident of the sunny state of California who has resided in Berlin for the last decade, becoming one of its most genuinely loved DJs and members of its dance community.

Hunee mixes disco, funk, techno and house as well as anyone we have come across, while his passion for the party is always contagious. Like Berlin and Montreal, Melbourne too has opened its arms to Hunee over the past couple of years, enjoying a memorably long, wild and shirtless ride in a sweaty Mercat Basement thanks to the Animals Dancing crew last year.

We spoke to the new L.A. resident just before he returns to Berlin to play for the first time since packing up and moving in July.

We hope you enjoyed the first 100, here’s to 100 more!

We know you’ve recently moved to Los Angeles after living in Berlin for some time. Can you tell us a little bit about the reason behind the move and how you’ve found it so far settling in?

After 13 years in Berlin I was wondering if the world was a bit bigger than what I had experienced so far. Los Angeles is a beast, so spread out, very substantial in its deep pockets of diversity, but you gotta build your own manual, your own map of findings to maneuver the city. Its full of contradictions, a surprise, a disappointment, a promise, a desire, an ocean, a mountain, a big car and an even bigger sunshine.

On your blog we learn that you’re a big fan of Montreal in the summer – where you recently played an memorable 5 hour gig going by the video’s on your facebook page. What can you tell us about that gig and what makes that city special?

A whole lotta love… a love I can feel.

You’re a favourite at a lot of Berlin’s best venues, and are involved in regular nights at Prince Charles. Is that your favourite venue in the city to play and host parties at?

It’s definitely a venue I had lots of great great parties when playing there myself and the Club Manager Michel gave me and my wife Anita a great opportunity to curate and promote a very emotional and intense farewell Holy Water party with tons of friends and favourites – just a few hours before we flew off to our new home in Los Angeles.

Another very special place is About Blank and the people behind it. But my favourite venue in Berlin is and probably always will be Panorama Bar / Berghain as it’s, not always, but very often, the most dedicated, intense and forward thinking club in Berlin. Hands down. And please don’t listen to the “back in the days it was so much better” haters.

You’ve said to be still trying to find new ways to work in the studio, and the most recent addition to your Soundcloud page ‘Error of the Average’ feels quite natural and original. Have you had any chance to produce of late and when may we see that track being released?

Yes, this one is more of an analog jam type thing, something that was giving me more pleasure and excitement in the studio before I moved. If this track will ever be released? I don’t know…there are no plans. Since I moved I haven’t made any new music.

What can you tell us about this podcast? How and where were you able to record it and what are some records that feature?

As always I was pushing the moment to record this mix for weeks, months even, and its just a mix! I am usually not in the business of making mixes and podcasts for all the websites out there and I want the mixes I have done to have some time to grow out in the world and mature. But you guys have been asking me for a long time (man, when was the first time I got a mail from you guys?) and Melbourne as much as Montreal has a special place in my DJ heart.

This mix was recorded in my new place in Koreatown on 2 turntables, 1 mixer and a pile of records. Only records. Not too much preparation, as I only had a few hours to do this and just the one box of records that I brought from Berlin.

What do you have coming up for the latter parts of the year?

I am about to hop on a flight back to Berlin (take-off in 20 hours!) to play some parties all around Europe and pack up and ship my record collection and hopefully meet all my friends in town and eat all the spots I been missing (Mo’s Falafel, Masaniello – what’s up?!). I get back to Los Angeles early October and then go to play the VIA festival in Pittsburgh with Kink, which I am very excited about, as it’s one of the great, honest, north American music festivals. Then I get back to Europe for another 2 weeks until end of October. Currently my dear booking agent is working on a final 2013 Europe Tour for mid December.

Thanks Myles, Melbourne Deepcast and all the people who never stop dancing…

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