Published: 5 Jan 2015
- Patrice Scott

Since 2006 Patrice Scott and his label Sistrum Recordings have sat comfortably at the forefront of the new movement in Detroit, carrying on from what the famed originators created and twisting those ideals with his own atmospheric disposition.

Whether it be his stripped back groove based techno or dreamy layered house, the real beauty is in the raw emotion behind the music and it’s also what has set him apart from the vast majority of today’s deep house producers.

To accompany his incredibly enjoyable listening adventure and the 110th addition to the series, we spoke to Patrice whilst on tour in Europe where he spends a fair chunk of the year these days playing dates at meccas like Fabric, Tresor and Panorama Bar, plus some of the best festivals the world has to offer.

It seems like you spent most of last year on tour in Europe… What were the highlights over there for the year?

There were so many highlights last year but if I have to pick some that stand out in my mind they are Freerotation Festival, Dimensions Festival and Sistrum Label Night (ADE, Full Glass).

I know you have an apartment in Berlin where you spend your time when in Europe, do you like to produce when over there in your days off, or is that something you prefer to save for when back home in Detroit with more time on your hands?

I produce wherever I am and when the mood hits. It does not matter. I always make sure I am able to lay down ideas no matter what part of the world I am at.

I see you’ve been working on getting some new material finished for Keith Worthy’s Aesthetic Audio imprint. How is that all coming along and what is the plan release wise, you have been working on and off with Keith for a while now yeah?

Keith is releasing a various artist album on his lovely Aesthetic Audio imprint and I have a track that will be part of that project. I am not sure when that will be released but as far as I know the plan is for 2014.

Yes, Keith and I have worked on and off over the years and hopefully some more big things will be happening in the near future.

You had a lovely tune out on the In The Dark: Detroit Is Back compilation on Still Music last year and you were in great company with a who’s who of Detroit house and techno making contributions. What tracks on the release were your personal favourites and why?

I really like the entire compilation and it is nice to be in such good company with so many great producers. Everyone did a great job but personally the ones that stand out to me are Keith’s track and the track from Marcellus Pittman.

What have you decided to put together for this mix?

Dark, deep and dirty music.

What do you have planned for your label Sistrum for the first half of 2014? Do you have any artists on your wish list who you would love to work with or release on the label?

I have a various artist EP titled Genesis Tracks that will be released at the end of January which features a track from my collaboration project with Chris Mitchell. We call ourselves Modular One. I have solo EPs coming from myself, Specter and Chris Mitchell. Near the end of the year I will release my solo album. So for Sistrum standards it will be a busy year.

There are many artist that I admire and are on my wish list but let’s just see what the future brings. I have a few surprises up my sleeve but I cannot reveal them at this time.

What else do you have coming up?

Touring, making music and enjoying life.

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