Published: 21 Mar 2016
- Albrecht La’Brooy

MDC.150 arrives via the the leafy backstreets of Melbourne from an emerging local live act with a uniquely Australian sound.

Somewhere on the outskirts of our techno-centric city, Albrecht La’Brooy and their interconnected web of midi machines have adopted a different approach to live electronic music. While their layered atmospheric sounds can be heard permeating through large speaker systems in dark nightclubs, the local duo are equally suited to smooth jazz clubs, outdoor amphitheatres and festival stages immersed in Aussie bushland. Championing this gentler side of electronic music in Australia for a couple of years now, their record label Analogue Attic has found its niche through offering records that whet the palates of home listeners and club DJs alike, with local producers Rings Around Saturn (aka Dan White) and TUC rising to the challenge alongside them with flying colours. Recorded at home especially for our 150th episode, the guys effortlessly combine their suburban field recordings, signature woozying pads and deep sub bass to create a blissful sonic journey of the highest order.

I know you guys have been pretty busy over the past few months, which feels like the result of quite a few years of crafting your own unique sound. How has the live set evolved since you first debuted it a couple of years back, and where do you plan to take it next?

Our live sets are always evolving due to the fact that they’re improvised and new with every show.
The first one we ever played in public was at Bennett’s Lane jazz club to a crowd of people sitting down drinking red wine. We were really into extended ambient grooves without kick-drums, long piano solos and warped field recordings at that time.

Not long after, we released ‘Good Morning Passengers’, and people started booking us to play in clubs. Now days we’re playing a lot more music that caters to that sort of environment.

At the moment, we’re just trying to be ourselves. Working hard on the ambient side and the club side whilst doing our best to carry a consistent voice through both.

Your label Analogue Attic has quickly become known for showcasing the works of some of Melbourne’s most talented emerging artists, what can you tell us about the idea behind the label and what you have enjoyed most about the whole process?

The idea behind Analogue Attic is to create a platform for “the gentle side of electronic music in Australia”. We want to give local artists an outlet to release music that is primarily suited to lounge room listening, but can also work in a club.

We also think it’s important that Analogue Attic releases carry a story or concept throughout the record. We feel there’s no reason a 12” can’t have a deeper meaning or idea behind it.

From the artwork, track names and field recordings featured in many of your tracks it’s clear your music is heavily inspired by your natural surroundings. What can you tell us about this relationship between your music and nature?

Sometimes, something as simple as having a place, sound or image in mind can really have an impact on what comes out in your music.

Like a lot of great local artists at the moment, we highly value having a sense of Australian identity in our music. That’s why field recordings and images associated with Australia feature in all the releases.

Tell us about this special live set you’ve recorded for us, what was the idea behind the set and what did you use to create it?

We’ve used our traditional live setup to record a 45 minute improvised set. It turned out a little darker than usual on account of the field recording that we used as inspiration – An evening flight from Melbourne to Cairns. It ends with a track from our latest record ‘Edgewater Towers.’

What is happening next for you both on the gig and release front?

One of our favourite local festivals, Inner Varnika has been curating some really incredible music over the last couple of years, so we’re really excited to be playing there.

We’re also playing in Sydney soon for Noise In My Head in anticipation of a compilation they’re releasing in the next few months.

Through the record label we’ve got Sleep D’s live recording from the Fairfield Amphitheatre performance that we held earlier in the year on its way. We’re also working with some other exciting local artists on the next few records.

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