Published: 10 Feb 2015
- Joey Anderson

New Jersey's Joey Anderson creates dance music that doesn't often fit within the confines of one genre. His take on what some may call house, others techno, is as absorbing as any and is starting to earn the global respect it demands.

Many would have discovered the name for the first time as the eery pads of Anderson’s Earth Calls crept in via Levon Vincent’s Fabric 63 last year, the mix also going on to include the B-side of that record Hydrine, becoming somewhat of a turning point for Anderson’s career to date.

Joey Anderson has since launched his own record label Inimeg Records, which see’s him release alongside close friends and mentors in Jus-Ed and DJ Qu, the label – which spells out his star sign Gemini when written backwards – is a further exemplary extension of his own mood and visions as an artist, and one we think is already becoming quite an important player in New York’s ongoing underground resurgence.

Just recently back home in Jersey City after a short tour of Europe playing for the Secretsundaze crew in London and at Rex Club in Paris amongst others, we enlisted Joey to record number 96 of the series and provide a couple of answers to our questions.

You’ve just completed a summer tour of Europe right? How was your first time playing in London? And what did you get up to between gigs over there?

I played at Secretsundaze in London, It was awesome! The people were really a party crowd. They really vibed to the way the DJ went. It was one of my favourite experiences. I was there onyl for a short time, so I really did not have time to visit the city much, maybe next time.

I noticed from a recent list you put together of your favourite all time tracks, there was only two house records included, do you think that reflects the amount of electronic music you listen to in general when not writing or DJing?

Not really, I listen to electronic music all the time, it’s kind of part of me and who I am, my culture. But when I was a kid those songs especially from the 80’s, mid to late 80’s, were some of my favourites that I always listened to and were being played on MTV, things like that.

Obviously having Levon Vincent licence some of your tracks for last year’s Fabric mix gave you some great exposure around the world, do you feel like your music is now reaching further from experience alone? What have been some other big turning points for your career?

Yes it was a honour for Levon to take notice and release my material. Also with three projects on Strength Music for sure began everything for me. I feel now my material is reaching ears and places I never dreamt of. I’m truly blessed, and thanks to all for listening.

Your label Inimeg Records had its third release out a few months back with a fantastic EP from yourself, what plans do you have for the label going forward? Do you think you’ll keep it to just you, friends and artists from your hometown for now?

Thank you, every release on Inimeg is a celebration for me. It is an accomplishment of self sacrifice. Also a chance to present my dream musically and share it to the world. Next I’m working on an Exchange Place project, which will be the first time on Inimeg Recordings. I would like to grow more with my label and later I would hope to move on to bigger projects and include some other artists that have that creative instinct.

Are there any new records or artists featured here in the mix you would like to make a special mention to?

Not really, I would just hope people enjoy the vibe and journey, but there is a creepy track by Nicuri I just love.

There are some great crews and a general resurgence in club culture coming out of Brooklyn at the moment and I see you’re playing at the RA party at Brooklyn’s new Output venue next month, which has earned some strong reviews. Will this be your first time playing there?

Not my first, I played with Jus-Ed, Big Strick and Joel Fowler for an Underground Quality night. This would be my second and its a honour to be on the line up.

What else do you have coming up that you’re able to share with us?

My first Album with Dekmantel latter in the year. Also an EP with Syncrophone around September or October. Some other treats but not sure release dates. Ive been kind of busy of late.. just music.

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