Published: 31 Jan 2017
- Urulu

Late night space travel courtesy of California's Urulu.

Regularly hopping between LA and Berlin, Taylor Freels aka Urulu has found his calling creating spatially rich analogue sounds for likeminded labels like Voyage, Dirt Crew and his own carefully curated Amadeus imprint. With his maiden Australian voyage kicking off this weekend, Urulu chimes in here with a spacey, late night affair full of his signature chunky atmospheric house and electro.

What’s been happening mate? Have you managed to escape much of the Berlin and or Californian winter?

Hey hey, all good! Back stateside for some time now. What was intended on being an extended holiday stay sort of turned into a total avoidance of winter in Berlin (ha).

Your label Amadeus has consistently released a range of spacey house records since it began back in 2012, nurturing a healthy roster of likeminded friends, what can you tell us about the general idea there and what’s coming up next for the label?

For me, Amadeus has never really had a clear motive other than releasing records from friends. The label itself has directly reflected my taste(s) in music over the past five years, which could be seen both as consistent and chaotic. Currently the label is stronger than ever, with our roster at about four core artists (Huerta, Chaos In The CBD, Cromie & myself).

Up next will be a solo 12” of mine, the first actually on the label (ha). I am more than ecstatic for this one as it’s sort of a birth of a new pseudonym, “Señor Friction.” The record with fit four tracks on it and is due out late March. You can also expect a solo record from Cromie & Huerta to drop later in the year.

Greetings From Namek was up there with our favourite records from last year… I read that you kinda poured your heart and soul into that one over a long period of time, and it definitely shines through in the release… What might a follow up for the label sound like?

Hey thanks for that. It was great to work with Andy on a project that took well over 6 months. Looking forward to getting another Voyage record out this year. Haven’t nailed a tracklisting yet, so no telling on what or when that’d be.

What can you tell us about this mix you’ve put together, who are some of the artists featured in there?

Let’s see. I’ve got a little interlude from myself to kick things off, a classic Georgie Red remix, as well as the latest from Kid Sublime, Mathew Herbert and Youandewan.

What else is coming up this year?

Directly after these Aus dates I’ll be heading to China for a little tour (full schedule
below). Music wise there’s another Kepler Sound record off to press, a few remixes
(specifically one for the Sports Records buds in Miami), and a solo 12” from myself on

Upcoming dates:

1/28 – tba – Dallas
2/04 – Lost Weekend – Melbourne
2/11 – Strange Behavior – Wellington
2/18 – Lucid – Melbourne
2/24 – Peoples Club – Sydney
2/25 – Center Source Rec Party – Brisbane
3/04 – HWG – Chengdu
3/09 – Lola – Shanghai
3/10 – Loopy – Hangzhou
3/11 – Migas – Beijing
3/31 – tba – New York
4/01 – Dolphin Tavern – Philadelphia
4/07 – Treehouse – Miami

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