Published: 5 Jan 2015
- Inkswel

Next up we have the hardware obsessed master collaborator Jules Inkswel, an iconic Australian underground jock, promoter and producer who's been hustling for crews in Melbourne, Adelaide, London and Amsterdam since entering clubland through hip hop in the 90s.

The worldwide resident has enjoyed an incredibly rewarding couple of years, teaming up with countless producers and vocalists from Reggie B to Merwyn Sanders, while releasing records on the Firecracker sub label Unthank, Faces, Burek, Wolf Music, This Thing and his own imprint, Hot Shot Sounds. Recently relocating back to his original hometown of Adelaide, Inkswel may claim to be slowing down a little these days, but theres hardly any sign of that, with his raw brand of electro funk, house and hip hop set to grace a handful more labels before the year is out. We managed to have a quick chat to the new father, and he’s spun together a chunky hour and 40 of the kind of funk riddled house, electro and disco jams that leave you know option but to move it.

It seems as though you’ve had your most productive year in the studio to date, with four EPs dropping in the first half of the year already. What can you put that productivity down to? Are you spending more time making music now than ever before?

In all honesty no, I’m actually a lot quieter these days. I know it doesn’t appear that way, but the majority of these projects were finished last year and there has just been a slow gradual wait for everything due to various factors like pressing plants, world record store day, mastering issues etc. I guess in the long run it looks good as the illusion of productivity is created. I have been super caught up in real life stuff at the moment, moved interstate, had my first child etc, but of course still hustling and doing music, that will never stop. Loads of new projects in the pipeline also.

You have collaborated with a host of great producers and vocalists in the last couple of years, like Merwyn Sanders, Reggie B, Dave Aju, Charli James and many more. What has it been like to work with some of these incredible artists, and what is it about the collaborative process that you enjoy the most?

Working with these vocalists has been amazing, everyone brings their vibe and identity to the final product. For me that is the main reason. Collaboration is a huge driving force in what I do, ever since the hip hop days, I guess that has carried through to the new music I make and been an ethos I have kept up until now. It really drives me to experiment and take it all beyond the normal formulas.

You’re touring around Australia and New Zealand with Kid Sublime this month, and I know you’ve played in Amsterdam with him and the Dopeness Galore and Rush Hour crews a few times now, as well as releasing on the Rush Hour sub label Boogie Bash. How did that special connection with the Amsterdam crew come about?

I used to live in Amsterdam, that’s how I created my foundation there, that is my home away from home. Those guys were so welcoming and embraced my music and my intention from the start, big love to KC The Funkaholic, Antal, Kid Sublime, Wouda and all the Dutch family. Those guys do so much for modern underground club music, no one can really fuck with their hustle at all! Very proud to be apart of the team!

What can you tell us about this mix you have put together, what was the idea behind the mix and who are some of the artists featuring?

This was recorded live at local Adelaide haunt SOUNDPOND, an online radio station. Just a collection of everything really, some new exclusive bits from Ugly Drums, Layfar, the Cold Chillin’ Inkswel project, my EP on Wolf Music, some stuff from Greeen Linez, classic Maurice Fulton, boogie and disco nuggets, a remix I did on Yam Who’s label, unreleased Grooveman Spot, Lumberjacks In Hell stuff, Drexciya, Nu Era aka Marc Mac, upcoming stuff on my Hot Shot label and loads more!

What else do you have coming up?

There is the Uglyink project on City Fly records – a collaboration EP between me and uglydrums, a compilation on my Hot Shot sounds label, an EP on the Soft Rocks label featuring Dwight Trible from Build An Ark, an EP on Lumberjacks In Hell, a remix on Glenview Records, an Earlybird Soul System collab EP with Charli James on Dopeness Galore featuring Kid Sublime and Kez YM remixes, a remix of Tiago and a 7″ on Omega Supreme Records featuring Gary Davis and Andras Fox, Cold Chillin’ Inkswel – Graffiti House EP featuring Ugly Drums and Layfar remixes, plus a few other bits and an album hopefully soon!

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