Published: 2 Nov 2017
- Andy Hart

A stormy voyage through electro, breakbeat and dub techno.

This week we have another Berlin based Voyage artist providing the goods, with our old friend and former MDC collaborator Andy Hart showcasing his ever evolving palette of sounds over an introspective electro and techno filled hour and 40. With his adoptive Berlin continuing to connect his label Voyage and the brilliant works of the emerging Melbourne producers it has featured with Europe – like (the now fully emerged) Harvey Sutherland, M5K and most recently Albrecht La’Brooy – it’s also inspired a new chapter for both himself and the label. With output under his own name currently on hiatus while readying a new techno / electro focussed project due to be unveiled in the new year, we caught up with Andy to hear the latest on that, the label and his ongoing Melbourne-via-Berlin setup.

Mate! What’s news? How have you been?

Mate! Great to be here. I’m still in Berlin for the moment, watching the city slowly transition into winter. I’ve been working on some new projects and getting ready to come back to Aus over the summer.

Voyage continues to be a platform for emerging Melbourne based producers, with your ninth release on the label coming from Melbourne live duo Albrecht La’Brooy. Tell us about that release and how it came about, and given you’ve been based in Berlin for a good while now, do you see the label as playing a role in connecting Aussie producers with the scene over there, and vice versa?

Culturally speaking, Berlin is very central and being based here means you’re constantly crossing paths with people from all over the world, which certainly helps spread the word about Voyage and our artists. It’s also important to be able to push new talent through the label, it keeps things interesting and helps to continue connecting people from our home town with new listeners, artists and fans both in Australia and abroad.

Alex I’ve known for a while now and is someone whose output I’ve been following, both with Sean as Albrecht La’Brooy as well as through their label Analogue Attic. Their music, A&R and overall aesthetic has always struck a chord with me, so working together on a record has been in the back of my mind since we started Voyage.

I saw you played at OYE Records 15 Year celebration earlier last month alongside a long list of mates and former MDC contributors.. Tell us about your experience with OYE over the years, and what kind of role the store has played in helping Voyage along the way?

When I moved to Berlin I was living with Max Graef, who is very much a part of OYE, his close friends work there and the store has always supported their music. After a while I ended up moving in with Markus (Delfonic), one of the owners, and the rest is history… The guys have built a great, supportive atmosphere around the store and they’re always happy to find a place on the wall for the new Voyage records, which i’m incredibly grateful for.

It seems as though 2017 has been a quieter one for your own releases, what have you been working on that we might be able to expect soon enough?

Well it’s been both a challenging and rewarding year for me creatively. On one hand I have been working almost exclusively on a new project called Kamazi. The music is quite different from my previous output, however much more in line with where I am personally as an artist. Because of this I haven’t been able to commit to any new ideas for a release under my own name, which has meant no new records and a transition into this new alias. With that being said however, I have two Kamazi records coming out next year on Deep Sound Channel, a sublabel of Shipwrec out of the Netherlands. It’s been a great experience to work under different guises this year and has resulted in the work I’ve been most proud of over the past twelve months.

What can you tell us about this mix you’ve recorded for us? Any heat in there that you would like to mention?

If Kamazi is where things are heading, I guess this mix is somewhat of a bridge. A lot of the records I’ve bought here in Berlin this year, a few of them coming from The Ghost which is in my opinion the best new store in the city. There’s a new one from Urulu, a track from Annie Hall’s CPU record from last year, some Jeff Mills, DJ Pete as Substance and a few new bits and pieces.

You’ll be back in Australia again for the summer, what’s on the cards this time around with both your own shows and with Wax’o Paradiso?

Wax’o is back at Freedom Time on New Years, we’ll be hosting Sassy J and CC:Disco on our stage. We’re also working on a few other things for summer, but first the boys are teaming up with Soulfor Wines and the Collingwood Contemporary Arts Precinct for a do in December. There will also be some Voyage shows as we’ve got some exciting stuff coming up early next year as well.

What else is coming up, and what can we expect from Voyage in the new year?

We’re about to drop Urulu’s second EP Mushroom Valve, which will be followed by an EP from Roza Terenzi, including a D. Tiffany remix. We’ve also got a record in the works from Arthur Miles of Adelaide’s Untzz Twelve Inch camp and a few other things including something from one of my favourite Melbourne artists as well as an EP from an old friend here in Berlin. Donno also continues to develop and has taken our artwork in a new direction. The label continues to grow and I’m thankful to be able to work with such talented artists.

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