Published: 30 Jan 2015
- Josh Tweek

We are bringing in the new year with a tasty selection from Josh Tweek, the Chalet Berlin booker and DJ, Odd Socks producer and man behind the brilliant Louche Music clubnights and podcast series.

What have you been up to?

A lot of partying over the crazy New Year 4 day weekend here in Berlin. I also baked my very first cake. A carrot one.

I know last year you took on a role as a booker and became a resident at Chalet in Berlin, tell us about that, and how did your recent two-day NYE bash go down? Was that the biggest party the venue has had to date?

Yeah I reckon it was. 8+ proper headliners over 2 days. Massive doo, my booking brother Max and I were pretty flat out but we smashed it, both nights were class. It definitely felt like a real milestone for the club, and a great end to a 2014 where the music policy and general reputation of Chalet has flipped on its head. It’s not easy booking quality DJs every Saturday of the year, but I’ve been in the biz just about long enough to handle it.

Your Leeds and London based club night turn podcast and all round music hub Louche recently relocated to Berlin after establishing itself as one of the UK’s best club nights. How have you found the transition so far, and will you continue to return to Leeds and London to host parties in 2015?

Leeds no, we are now finished up there for good, although we are booked there for a gig this month. Brinsley (co founder) and I discussed throwing a reunion type party, but in the end decided to leave it. We had a great 6 year run, best to end on a high like we did. But London is still very much carrying on. I leave the organising to Brins as he lives there and I book the Berlin ones. There’ll be 4 or 5 in Berlin this year; 4 at Chalet + a special surprise one at Farbfernseher. I’m really up for organising parties here, the crowd is always lovely.

From hosting so many parties over the years with so many incredible guest DJs, which are some of the defining moments or special sets that stand out in your mind as ones you’ll never forget?

First time we booked Moodymann always sticks out. I think the first time you see him play is enough of a buzz for the sheer stage presence, let alone taking him for dinner, warming up and then getting pissed in the booth with his entourage.

What is happening with your own production at the moment? Have you got yourself a studio setup in Berlin? Can we be expecting some new releases to come out early in the new year?

Yeah just moved apartments actually. The new place has a spare room, so once all the boxes are unpacked it’s deffo gonna be a Jan and Feb spent hiding from the cold making beats. I had two releases in 2014, aiming for the same again this year. Dunno if it’ll be for Odd Socks, might go somewhere different.

What can you tell us about this mix, was there any particular inspiration behind the mix? Who are some artists that feature in there?

It’s pretty deep, or starts off that way at least. From running my own podcast series I hugely appreciate mixes that go somewhere, or aren’t packed full of dance floor bangers at least. So it’s creamy minimal house with a few slices of garagey electronica stuff. Exactly what I’m into playing at the mo. All discogs buys from the last 6 months I think, bar a couple. It was also the first mix recorded on my newly acquired Urei Rotary Mixer, and I sat on a stool whilst doing it.

What’s coming up next for yourself and at Louche?

Next Louche in Berlin is Valentines Day with Prosumer & Murat Tepeli, and I’m off to Leeds for a gig on 23 January. Until then, i’ll be sat on my MPC, and I might attempt a Lemon Drizzle!

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