Published: 5 Jan 2015
- Fudge Fingas

Edinburgh vinyl enthusiast and Firecracker pin-up boy Fudge Fingas turns in a blissful trip to outer space and back with the latest addition to the series.

Currently undertaking a self imposed hiatus from releasing records under the Fudge Fingas moniker that we’ve all come to love – through his releases on Prime Numbers, Dekmantel, Rush Hour and of course those incredible 10″s on Firecracker – Gav Sutherland is cheekily planning his next move. One thing we know for sure is that whichever projects he lays those magic Fingas’ on always turn out to be rather memorable. This mix may possibly be the finest example, “beginning with a journey to the moon and ending with a view of sunrise from outer space”. Enjoy the ride..

What have you been up to?

Oh, you know, the usual. Family life, moving house, moving studios. Some reading and writing, maths and geography, science and arts, but always and mainly music.

I see you’ve been playing a few gigs with your old pal Linkwood lately, what do those sets usually consist of when you two get together, and who usually wins?

Usually if I’m doing a back to back type thing with the likes of Linkwood, or House of Traps (another frequent sparring partner) we’ll take half an hour each for starters if we have time, then go head to head. I’ll try and put them off by selecting better records, or pulling out tighter ‘blends’, or maybe even bringing along a synth to baffle them with distracting frequencies. Quite often they’ll counter with exotic rarities (H.O.T’s) or their own productions (Linkwood) which I can’t compete with, frankly. Who wins is for the dancers to decide.

Unless I’ve missed something you have only done a few remixes over the last couple of years release wise, which are particularly tasty I might add. Does this break in releasing original FF material reflect your time spent in the studio in recent times, or have there been other factors at play – like running a record store?

Well, I don’t run the shop as such, I just work there. It does tend to get in the way a bit though, yes. Mainly I haven’t been releasing so much because I haven’t been putting it out there. The last two years have been a time of upheaval and reflection for me. I have been writing a great deal of music, though not necessarily recording it… but I doubt any of it will come out under the FF moniker. We’ll see.

From working in that record store for so many years, you must have noticed cycles in music production and trends perhaps more clinically than others. In recent times, have any producers or records particularly impressed you in terms of their originality?

Not sure about originality, there’s only what’s new to you. You could take any supposedly original artist and find someone out there who did it before them. I do hear an awful lot of decidedly unoriginal music, but again I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with that. What bores me is hearing people aping a style, but having no substance to go with it. I like to hear artists with their own distinct sound or personality shining through more than anything.

Panoram is someone who really blew my mind in that regard with his ‘Everybody is a door’ LP for Firecracker, which came out earlier this year. Of course, I’m biased, but that’s my honest opinion.

What have you come up with for this mix, and who are some of the artists that feature in it?

I tried to make it representative of some of the broad range of things I’m listening to right now, along with a couple of old favourites and perhaps some unreleased stuff from myself or my pals. It’s a mix of space jazz, new age, ambient, house, techno, electro, and beyond. Music from around the globe, beginning with a journey to the moon and ending with a view of sunrise from outer space.
The artists who feature are as follows:

Owen Marshall
Michael Stearns
The Nuclear Family
Vangelis Katsoulis
Ron Trent
Lord Of The Isles
Don Carlos
Paul Bennett
Claudette & Ti Pierre
Automatic Tasty
Marco Bernardi
Sun Ra

What have you got coming up? When can we be expecting a sexy new Fudge Fingas 10” with incredible artwork to add to the collection?

I’m going to release some very old music quite soon, and then I’ll probably go back into hiding for a bit. When I might re-emerge I cannot say, and you might not recognise me. I’ll do my best to make myself look nice though…

All the best ’til then,


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