Published: 5 Jan 2015
- Erdbeerschnitzel

Tim Keiling likes hiking, comical names and creating lush grooves in his underpants. Well, he may have recently adopted a more pants-on approach, but his seductive house laden grooves have become increasingly irresistible since he first arrived on the scene in 2010 with a bomb named To An End.

Since then there has been a flurry of jams from the small town German we know as Erdbeerschnitzel, releasing sample heavy burners for Delsin, 3rd Strike, 4lux and a delightful full length for Tensnake’s Mirau in 2012. Strictly not a DJ, Erdbeerschnitzel’s well oiled live set isn’t something you’re likely to have experienced outside the four walls of a nightclub, until now. For our 115th podcast we have been treated to an extremely rare live recording containing some of the ‘Strawberry Schnitzel’s’ most loved workouts, captured recently at a show in Berlin alongside Soulphiction, Lovebirds and Arttu with crowd noise to boot.

What have you been up to of late? Where are some places you’ve recently played or traveled to for leisure?

I’ve been playing two German gigs in Hannover and Berlin, each with a different vibe but great experiences altogether. As for traveling, I actually don’t need it that much beside the music. I enjoy hiking a lot for which I have loads of possibilities over here.

I know you’re pretty settled in the small German city of Bonn, do you have a good little community of likeminded artists also residing in the city?

I’m living in Bonn for two years now and enjoy it pretty much, and one thing I like is that I have absolutely zero peer pressure here. I guess there are not many people here who know or are interested in my music. That’s fine for me, I’ve never been deeply involved in a local scene too much which has always left me to my own sound wise. My scenes or communities were always based on online communication. However, I’m thinking about giving small music production classes here to anyone who’s into electronic music production, but that’d be enough for me being “in the scene”. If I actually want to buy, hear or talk good music, then Cologne is just around the corner with a pretty well balanced electronic music circle.

I enjoyed reading that you made some of your earlier well-known tracks predominantly in bed in your underpants. How would you describe your current studio setup these days, has much changed since then?

Nowadays, I prefer a pants-on approach. Apart from that, everything stayed the same, the whole production process is digital, which works best for me because it always was like that. External sound sources come and go, at the moment I have a Jomox T-Resonator cumulating dust right beside me.

Sampling seems to always find its way into your music, in some way or another. I see you even included a field recording of a dog orchestra in a recent cassette ‘mix’ for the Camp Magnetics label which sounds like it would have been a bit of fun to incorporate.. How did you come up with that crazy idea, and how many of the samples you’ve used in your music have you actually recorded yourself?

You’ll always see me amused by things other people might find plain stupid, be it meme culture, a dog orchestra or an artist name nobody outside of Germany can pronounce. I like the occasional silliness, it takes pressure away from what has almost become a dead-serious, über-cool industry. Concerning sampling and how I approach it, I can only recommend to check this short video:

The complexity and groove in your tracks are what sets your music apart for a lot of people. Are you someone who spends a long time adding layers and fine detail to your tunes, or does it usually come out in one sudden burst of creativity?

I often spend too much time on details and miss the point where I’d have to switch over from sound design to arrangement. When I’m finally arranging a piece, I often lose track of sustaining a proper atmosphere in favour of small edits here and there. If I were success-focused with my music, there wouldn’t be that much stuff going on, just look at To an End which is my most successful track to date and it’s so plain simple, almost like a live session. The golden path for me is to bring both things together, interesting sound design and a house-ish flow.

I really enjoyed your Cushion EP for Delsin last year, and thought it was cool that such a renowned techno label like that would branch out and sign an artist like yourself. What can you tell us about that exchange, and can we expect more from you on the label?

I didn’t know about Delsin Records until I heard the Gerry Read release, the first one of the Delsin House Series. This made me check out more of the label’s releases and I liked the general feel of it. I contacted them at a time when they were opening up a bit soundwise anyway – the Electronica Series for example or the John Beltran LP. Crossroads was the first track from my EP which I sent them, simply to their Soundcloud Dropbox, and it went on from there. I’m now working on new material for a second EP, hopefully to be released later this year.

What can you tell us about this mix? How and where was it recorded?

It’s a recording of the liveset which I played at the great Hijackin’ ( party at Ritter Butzke in Berlin. The crowd response was really nice and the mood allowed me to go more into downbeat territory than I normally can, hence the last 15 minutes.

What else have you been working on that we can be expecting to hear from you throughout the year?

Erdbeerschnitzel-wise I’ll stick with the people I already worked with for now. As I said there will be one EP for Delsin Records, also Gerd asked me to do a new EP for his label 4lux. For the other music I have written over the past months, experimental compositions and such, I most likely need a new project name and probably a new platform.


Erdbeerschnitzel – Tonight is Today is Tomorrow
Erdbeerschnitzel – Crossroads
Erdbeerschnitzel – Untitled/Unreleased (with vocals by Tina Slotta / Uncanny Valley)
Erdbeerschnitzel – Same Same
Erdbeerschnitzel – Cushion
Erdbeerschnitzel – Untitled/Unreleased
Erdbeerschnitzel – Separate Spaces
Erdbeerschnitzel – Untitled/Unreleased
Erdbeerschnitzel – Suave
Erdbeerschnitzel – Devotion

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