Published: 3 Feb 2016
- Florian Kupfer

Direct from the other side.

As he passed through Melbourne last week, we took the opportunity to catch up with Florian to drink some beers, talk about life and have him record an on the fly mix using only the records in his bag. Fans of his releases – on familiar labels like L.I.E.S., Russian Torrent Versions and WT Records – can attest that this kind of spontaneous improvisation is what makes his music so distinctive, capturing the energy of the moment with all its imperfections. We hope you enjoy the ride!

You were back out here in Australia for some shows just last weekend… what can you tell us about that?

Flying to the other side of the earth really is crazy. Been just for a couple of days in Australia so it felt super unreal. Boiler Room in Melbourne was cool. In Sydney the police got in the way but I enjoyed every minute.

So far the majority of your music has been released through New York based labels.. What can you tell us about your connection with that city, and who are some of the people over there that have inspired you to push the boundaries with your music?

I’m into American house music for sure.. With Ron (Morelli) it was like I had recorded some music he liked, I liked the way he was running his label… It kinda just worked out..

I read somewhere that the Offenbach nightclub Robert Johnson was particularly influential in introducing you to the world of house and techno, what is it about that space that resonated with you so much?

Robert Johnson was the only club that booked artists that were surprisingly good and u might not have heard of them so far. A good mix between classic DJs and new fresh stuff. At Robert Johnson I saw Steve Summers live and Ron Morelli DJing. The night was particularly different from others… A wide range of music, no compromises throughout the whole night and morning. It really motivated me strongly to take on that other way…

What can you tell us about this mix? How was it recorded and who are some of the artists featuring in the mix?

I recorded the mix at Melbourne Deepcast HQ in Melbourne. We had no CDJS. 100% vinyl mix! Featuring artists like Jeff Mills, Romatt Productions, Steve Moore, Celestial Highways and more.

What do you have coming up next?

Amsterdam ZeeZout Festival with Greg Beato on March 5th.
Tresor, Berlin on March 11th.
Florence, Italy on March 12th.

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