Published: 31 Mar 2015
- Terekke

Sunday afternoon with Terekke and his dusty 12"s.

Currently on tour with his live show here in Australia, the mysterious Brooklyn based L.I.E.S. producer has delivered a blazed out easy listening affair, pairing crackly 80s disco with sun soaked house cuts for a touch over an hour. He’s also answered a few questions and provided some visual representation of what he’s been up to whilst recently on tour over in Europe. Sunday afternoon listening at its very finest.

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What have you been up to?

Chillin N’ Thrilln.

Do you feel like your studio environment has attributed to the style of music you end up producing?

Getting a salt rock lamp and speaker stands were big ones for me.. Intention is always the greatest factor.

When you’re digging for records is finding cool samples a big focus of yours, or is it more just a process of trial and error when you’re actually producing?

Finding the perfect record is a life’s work.. Samples find their way into the picture through different ways. Many paths, same mountain.

What can you tell us about your live set and what kind of environment or space do you feel like it’s generally best received?

Loose and loud. Please have a fog machine.

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve put together for us?

Sunday afternoon at my spot in Berlin. First daze of spring.

What else is coming up?

My Birthday (which happens to coincide with my time in Australia).

Australia Tour Dates

27.03 – Perth, Gilkisons Dance Studio
28.03 – Sydney, The Chippendale Hotel
03.04 – Bookaar, Inner Varnika Festival
10.04 – Adelaide, Ancient World
11.04 – Melbourne, Lounge (Mania)
17.04 – Brisbane, The Underdog

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