Published: 5 Jan 2015
- San Proper

San Proper is one of the few electronic artists around with genuine rockstar appeal. A far cry from some of the modern day laptop wielding, email checking live acts - Proper is a charismatic party animal whose music is impossible to pigeon hole.

The Amsterdam resident has been busy of late launching his Proper’s Cult label, a subsidiary of Rush Hour with a fitting name considering his rising cult status in the underground, and a platform for his weird and wonderful output. He’s also a member of the Dekmantel crew and a resident at Amsterdam’s famously closing nightclub, Trouw. His Live set is also apparently something else, and from all reports anyone who has seen it has marvelled at his incredible one-man-band performance on a range of different synths and instruments, whilst singing lyrics that reflect the goings on of his not so average life. We are pretty stoked to have such a legitimately cool artist and dude on board for our 112th episode, and his mix is as unorthodox as it is intoxicating, one that grows on you more and more with each listen.

What have you been up to? It looks like the 1st of Jan was a pretty big occasion for you featuring in both the Last Year Of Trouw and Dekmantel NYD parties. From what you saw of the other DJs also playing also that night, who did you enjoy the most?

Dj Cinnaman played exquisitely, he usually has this fresh touch to it. Robert Bergman also played a sweet and nasty set at Dekmantel’s jam on the 1st.

Speaking of the Last year of Trouw celebrations happening this year.. Tell us a little bit about what has that place meant for you as an artist and an Amsterdam resident over the years, and what feelings do you have towards its departure from the city’s club scene at years end?

I really can’t handle the fact that this club will be closed in 2015, it really breaks my heart just thinking about it. I’m having a memorable time here since I improvised a little extra studio in a utility closet down in the basement. The club has something really special which is partly because of the program and great nights I had out here, but also the personnel and the cuisine drive me wild… Yes, I’m a fan.

Dekmantel festival looked like it was the best festival for the music heads over the course of last year line up wise, and from the reviews sounded like it was just as much fun as it looked. What made that festival so special in your opinion, and different from the other European summer festivals?

The line-up obviously. And the size, since it only had three stages it turned out really intimate and sexy.

Some people have identified you as a party DJ with punk attitude.. do you think the focus on the party gets forgotten about all too often these days with DJing being such serious business? Do you feel like it’s your role to bring a bit of that fun back to the party with your DJ and live sets?

Perhaps, it’s hard to make statements like that, because I enjoy other artists with a different attitude or approach just the same. I’m really not all that conscious of what I’m doing. I just can’t behave myself.

Your live set is known for being an experimental fusion of live instruments, electronic machines and your own vocals which each tell their own story about your life. How much does each set change from show to show, and where do you plan to take the set in 2014?

I wouldn’t want to give away too much on this. The content and equipment changes from time to time, because I get hold of ‘new’ equipment maybe just as frequently as i put out new tracks. And also: someone once told me practice makes perfect. I’m curious to see if that’s really true.

What else do you have coming up for the beginning of the year?

I just released the first “Cult EP” on Proper’s Cult and there’s a new release coming out on Tom Trago’s Voyage Direct. Also a three-track EP on Arma 17 and a release on Lessizmore with remix by Mayaan Nidam. And I just finalised the new release for Perlon…

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