Published: 18 Feb 2019
- Perel

Driving electronics from the German DFA producer.

Entering the abyss with a no holds barred mix of Perel’s ravey new wave techno. Berlin based Annegret Fiedler arrived on the big stage last year with her debut album Hermetica for DFA Records – a uniquely German fusion of synthy new wave and techno combining post-punk guitars with early 80s Eurythmics influences and her own spacey spoken word vocals. Rolling out her hybrid live/DJ show for the first time in Australia next month you can catch her doing her thing at Pitch Festival.

Hey Annegret, how’s things? What’s been keeping you busy over the winter months in Berlin?

Thanks for asking, I’m doing very well! Took off the whole January, needed a break from touring + producing. I was lucky to spend the winter in LA + South Africa. Back to reality currently, the road, in the studio, and planning to move.

Your latest tour date poster announced that you’re making the move to Amsterdam next month after a stint in Australia, how did that all come about?

After nine great years in Berlin, it was time to take a chance and try something new. I fell in love with the city and the people, and am really looking forward to the next chapter.

It looks like 2018 saw the fruits of years of hard work creating a unique and very personal sound with your debut LP Hermetica being released on DFA. As you look back on it now, what kind of confidence did it give you knowing that artists like The Juan Maclean and James Murphy were into your music and wanted to see it released?

Thanks a lot! 2018 was really something else for me personally and professionally. I trusted the team at DFA first and foremost, because of their track record, but also because DFA has always been my fav label. I couldn’t ask for a better home for my music.

I read somewhere that recording the album also reinvigorated your love for singing, with many of the tracks featuring your distinct new wavey German vocals, and your new hybrid DJ/live set also featuring some live vocal versions of your own tracks… How have you found that experience so far?

I love it! I feel a connection with the crowd in a unique way. Singing is a very personal thing, it’s so unusual in a club. I still feel it’s not easy to grab the mic, because you never know how people will react to it, but the crowd constantly impresses.

I see you also collaborated with fellow Berliner Curses on a track on his album last year, can we expect any more collaborations in the works this year?

Luca is a very good friend of mine and I was always a fan of his music. I haven’t planned any other collaborations like this one for 2019 YET, but I have an addition to my live show in the works for a few selected festivals. Stay tuned!

What can you tell us about this mix you’ve put together for us? Any special tracks in there you would like to mention?

I worked on this to include some of my music, as well as some things that have inspired me recently. The second and third are two favorite unreleased tracks of mine. I have only played them in my live sets so far. The whole mix is meant to be quite trancy and rave-ish with lots of other new and unreleased music. ENJOY!

What else do you have coming up?

1st proper US tour (!), big festivals + new releases!


The Golden Filter – Haze Hour
Perel – Asteroid (unreleased)
Perel – Gravity (unreleased)
Future Beat Alliance – Machines Can Help
Low Manuel & Local Suicide – Vespertines Unite
Benjamin Fröhlich – Dream City (Axel Boman Remix)
Modular Project – Freshback
The Golden Filter – Restraint (Kluentah Remix)
Renato Cohen & Sledge – Proibidao – (Repetentes 2008 Remix)
Exzakt – Start The Party
Franky Wah – Get Me High
Marlon Hoffstadt – Lost In A Feed
Catz ’n Dogz – New Love (Gerd Janson Remix)

Photo Credits: Nora Heinisch

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