Published: 19 Jun 2013
- Gerry Read

The latest instalment is the work of 20 year old Suffolk lad turned worldwide House phenomenon Gerry Read.

His raw edged EP’s for the RAMP Recordings sublabel Fourth Wave last year were hard to categorize, and even harder to forget, leaving the most hardened Bass, House and Techno heads with appetites of the moist variety. This year has been even more rewarding for the young producer, with the diva-sample heavy peak timer 90’s Prostitution Racket cementing his claims as a hit machine, followed up by Techno institution Delsin releasing his heavy handed Yeah Come Dance EP to similar global effect.

It may be hard to believe that this is all the work of a cheeky laptop wielding 20 year old, but it’s what makes it all the more intriguing. His mix is of equal interest, 45 minutes of frenetic changes and dance floor goodness with the BPM’s up for good measure.

We also managed to grab Gerry for a small chat, here’s what he had to say..

As you’ve submitted an episode of the Melbourne Deepcast, we want to find out a bit about your time spent in Australia growing up. Where did you live in Australia, and for how long? What were your reasons for spending time down under?

I was 14 and did the whole immigration thing to Perth with my family because my dad got a job, it didn’t work out so we moved back.

We know you’re now settled in Suffolk in the UK now, how would you describe your current studio setup, do you have something permanent in place there?

My studio is my laptop on my lap on my bed, sometimes downstairs in the lounge but recently i’ve been taking it into the dining room.

From reading how you didn’t like to spend too much time going clubbing in the past, I’m interested in how the transition has been for you to spending most weekends in them these days playing gigs. Is it something you’ve become more accustomed to now?

Yeah I find it quite cool going into a club when you’re there just to play because I feel disconnected from it, because the majority of people are there to get fucked and you’re not. You feel like you’re spectating.

But I also find it one of the most annoying environments to be in if you’re not fucked, especially if the people on before you are playing a load of bollocks [laughs].

We know you’re into all kinds of music, not just the house stuff that you’re making at the moment. How would you describe your record collection as it stands, what music would take up the most space on the shelves?

It’s basically just every sort of music i’ve ever been into from black metal to jungle to shoegaze to grime etc.

What can you tell us about this mix, what did you use to record it? Who are some of the artists featuring?

I’ve recorded it on turntables/cdjs and it features Presk, Subhead, Gerald Mitchell and loads more.

Finally, what records do you have coming out for the rest of the year that you’re able to tell us about?

Theres my debut album called Jummy which is out next month, a limited CD thing. Also me and Kevin Mcphee are going to be releasing our own stuff.

No Tracklist Available.

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