Published: 21 Jul 2021
- Josh Keys

Deep acid and wonky percussive workouts from a local after hours specialist.

A huge pleasure to welcome a towering figure of Melbourne’s underground! A mate to many and one of the brains behind the notoriously sweaty Spin Club parties as well as the much loved Hopkins Creek festival, Keysie’s sets always manage to embody that harmonious blend between the unconventional and the strangely familiar, both the stuff of after hours folklore and a welcome weekly soundtrack across many a listening bar around town.

We’ve come to admire Josh’s unique sonic takes over the years, regularly following him down weird and wonderful rabbit holes we never even knew existed. Here we welcome you to do the same with the special of the day being deep and wonky mind melters of the home grown variety. Bon appétit!

Hey Josh, hope things are good with you! What’s been keeping you busy/sane/optimistic as this year continues to keep us all on our toes?

Alright Myles! Wonky times. Music has kept me oriented, as per. I think the inextinguishable spirit of the creative people around me has helped to keep the glass half full in many respects. Jury’s still out on whether I’m currently sane.

I know you’ve been playing kinda regularly down at Waxflower bar in recent months, which has pretty quickly become one of the best listening rooms around town… how did you find that experience and what kind of directions did you take things in?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself at Waxflower. Such attention to sonic detail paired with the physical presence of Jimmy’s collection makes the music feel right at home. Personally I’ve packed some more delicate stuff, dusty jazz records or reggae 45’s. It’s a real pleasure being free to bring amazing colour to any part of your collection. Bravo Waxflower!

It was great to see that Hopkins Creek recently announced plans to run the festival again this year in November after missing out in 2020 due to the obvious reasons. Being one of the festival directors yourself I’m sure it’s been a tricky and frustrating time of it over the past year and a bit, but with luck on our side what kind of festival do you guys have in the works for the special 2021 edition?

I believe we will see Hopkins Creek take on its truest form yet… (knocks heavily on wood). A celebration of the flourishing local music scene and a triumph for the entire community who have never lost sight of rebuilding something beautiful. Nothing for granted in these times and I’m excited to see how that elevates the collective atmosphere. The sense of oneness is an attribute that has always been uniquely Hopkins, I think people miss this more than anything else. Keen to say the least.

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve recorded for us? I know this one has been a fair few months in the making! Are there any special records in there you would like to mention?

My average turnaround for a mix seems to be about five years so this was pretty swift by my standards! This effort is a direct result of the last lockdown and comprised mostly of sounds from the Melbourne underground (too many friends to list). Hits some pretty deep acidic territory but I like to think we all make it out the other side safely! Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating 🙂

Photo Credits: Kirsty Hill / Denzel Truong

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