Published: 29 Oct 2015
- Pocock

From the outback to the Pocosmos and back again.

A long-time friend of us here at MDC, the enigmatic Pocock has built himself a reputation for charming the pants off local crowds with his, often outrageous, one-of-a-kind sonic adventures. The much loved DJ, broadcaster, promoter, astronomer and party boy knows no musical limits, and is a constant supporter of emerging local talent – something we are fortunate enough to have an abundance of at the minute. It’s in this vein that our paths collide to bring you a very special episode, celebrating the incredibly diverse range of sounds currently emanating from our city with an entirely Australian-made mix, comprised of 95% music from Melbourne.

What have you been doing these last few days?

I went for my first bird watching experience with my buddy Scotty in the You Yangs, a small mountain rage an hour out of Melbourne. We were looking for the Rainbow Honey Eater, a beautiful native bird. It was a great experience as you have to engage all your senses, especially ears for the calls and your eyes in order to notice changes in the species of scrub, plants and trees around you as the more unique the environment, the rarer the bird. Not to dissimilar for looking for records really. In any case it’s a great way to really immerse yourself in nature.

Those who were lucky enough to experience your weekly radio show Set It Out on Triple R would agree you have one of the most soothing radio voices in town.. Tell us about how you got involved at Triple R and what that whole experience was like?

I’ve been a broadcaster for about 15 years now, starting at SYN FM when I was quite young and that lead me to Triple R about eight years ago. It’s quite hard to describe just what Triple R is like as there is no comparison to it. My experience at Triple R has been incredible, its my rock, my home, an independent station that’s fully funded by sponsors and subscribers, never playlisted, and embodies the very meaning of community for me. It’s helped to shape and inform my musical tastes as it has most of Melbourne. It’s an ever shifting dynamic and complex station and something we should never take for granted.

Your summer daytime party Daydreams will be back again this season by all reports, what can you tell us about the original idea behind the party, and what might people be in for this time around?

Myself and Mark Free started Daydreams as we really just wanted to dance in the daytime on a Sunday, not a Sunday but every Sunday. At the time four years ago, nobody was really doing something like that so we figured we’d do it ourselves. And since then Melbourne has gone through some slow changes, from the season of park parties 2 years ago, to a more cross-pollenated scene, a myriad of day parties all over the city, where we now have options aplenty. When we first started it was almost impossible to get people on our floors during the day, they’d wait till the moon had risen before shakin their asses and now our crowds are in the doors as soon as they open and straight into dancing.


Daydreams is also all about local DJs, we have a strong concept, loyal following and an atmosphere that’s second to none so we have the benefit of being able to give our DJs a full venue every week and let them smash the shit out of it, which they always do. We also like to involve some of the older DJs and younger people from Melbourne who perhaps the crowd have never heard of and it gives us a chance to honour those who came before us and give exposure to those who we believe should have. We’ve worked really hard on building something very inclusive, fun and completely rejuvenating for everyone involved. We want people to walk away feeling like they had the best day of their lives and they’re ready to have an even better one the week after. Indeed most people do and over the years I’ve got to see many people make and stay friends as a result of the parties, whilst also bringing the patchwork of Melbourne’s DJs even closer through very considered curation. As for this season we’re always trying to push the boundaries, to innovate, to get better at what we do and keep doing the things our crowd like and what we’re known for….and we have a new venue….or two! You’ll have to keep your eyes on our Daydreams page for announcements and if ya still looking for our t-shirts and totes they can be found here.

You’ve been a big supporter of local talent through your numerous creative pursuits over the years, tell us about the idea behind this concept mix you’ve recorded for us.. What was it about the process that you enjoyed the most?

I think Melbourne and Australia in general is really musically fertile at the moment, and through a recent solo-camping trip to Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory, I found myself inspired by the environment and local surrounds, I felt extremely connected and it shifted something in me. So I applied the same outlook on the local musical landscape, we have something incredible in our own backyard why not embrace it? I always feel that Australia has this complex with its own history, environment, arts, music and general identity. The tall poppy syndrome. This complex sends us overseas to live in NYC, London and Berlin. We look to Europe and Japan for inspiration, we prefer the beaches of South East Asia and we try to replicate those things here. All Australian cities are built on the coast and we look outwards from the country when actually what lies inside is incredible, to be embraced, encouraged and understood. I’m certainly no patriot and actually feel any sort of patriotism is a myth. However through nature and art I do feel a sense of belonging to the country and by putting together a bunch of songs from 95% Melbourne and 5% Australian artists it helps to make me feel connected and grounded. So hence this being a mix from within.

What else is coming up in the next little while? Where can people hear you playing around town, and/or away from town?

I’m thinking of getting my ears pierced, one on each side. Also I have gotten super into astronomy and cosmology over the last 12 months and the next step is to buy a big fuck off telescope. A year down the track I hope to be giving people sky tours from a little piece of property I inherited down the coast which I’m building a mini observatory on. Actually we have to make a little hill for the observatory to sit on and I’ve taken my inspiration from Teufelsberg (Berlin) where they used rubbish from WWII to build a man made hill and put an observatory on top. The only difference is that the rubbish we’ll use to build the Pocosmos Observatory will be from all the trash left over in Edinburgh Gardens on NYE.

As for where to find me each week I use my Instagram for all that.


Velcro – Intoxicated (Self Released)
Ela Stiles – Drone Transitions (Bedroom Suck)
A.r.t. Wilson – Akasha (Self Released)
Tuc – Dights Falls w/ Albrecht la’Brooy (Analogue Attic)
Rings Around Saturn – Erosion (Analogue Attic)
Sleep D – Austral Aura (Cutters Records)
Long Body – Stay Vacation (Forthcoming – Good Company Records)
Cale Sexton – Everybody Hz (Butter Sessions)
Andy Hart – Lohng Haul (Unreleased)
Andreas Frostarelli – Heart & Soul (Unreleased)
Francis Inferno Orchestra – Kalamari Desert (Forthcoming – Superconscious Records)
Phil Stroud – The forest (Forthcoming – Good Company Records)
Bell Towers – Scavengers (Hole In The Sky)
Luis CL – Moody Jass (Forthcoming – Big Doint)
Infinite Loops – Wave Hunt Eternal (Nighttime Drama)
MBM – ????? (Unreleased)
Booshank – Bully (Deep Mix) (Forthcoming – Butter Sessions)
Statue – Statue Theme (Cutters Records)
M5K – We Got It (Goin On) (Forthcoming – Dopeness Galore)
Francis Inferno Orchestra – Harmony (Forthcoming – Superconscious Records)
Luis CL – Funk Heist (Forthcoming – Big Doint)
Kikrokos – Jungle DJ (Julien Love Edit)

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