Published: 10 Feb 2015
- Moomin

Berlin's Moomin digs deep into an expansive collection of hip hop records to supply us with our 102nd episode of the series.

With his rugged sample ridden output as proof, Moomin clearly owes a lot to his lengthy relationship with hip hop. It wasn’t until 2010 that a move into the world of deep house materialised for the producer, real name Sebastian Genz, with EPs for White and it’s vinyl only offshoot, Aim. From there a flurry of EPs forged Moomin a steady reputation around Europe, with a gem of an LP for Smallville in 2011 solidifying his claim as an artist to keep close tabs on.

Lately Moomin has been busy starting his own label, Closer, which launched with a lovely EP from him earlier this year, and will see another Moomin EP dropping soon before a hip hop tape from some friends on the label hits the shelves later this year. The tape will include work from artists similarly influenced by hip hop with Iron Curtis, Axel Boman, Baaz, Quarion, Christopher Rau, Cuthead, Awanto3, Hauke and Matthias of Session Victim to all feature on the hotly tipped VA.

Moomin will make his Australian tour debut this coming November.

What have you been up to recently and what have been your most memorable moments this summer?

Hello MDC! I recently finished my upcoming EP on Closer. Ohh my most memorable moment this summer … good question!! There are plenty but what got stuck in my mind, was my sunrise set for a small festival in southern Bulgaria, deep in the middle of nowhere among the Rhodopian mountains.

We know your label Closer was born in February this year with a lovely little EP from yourself. From reading a recent interview we were excited to hear that you’re planning a hip-hop tape for the label with artists like Session Victim, Iron Curtis, Axel Boman and a few others. How is that record progressing and what else is in the pipeline?

The tape will be available at the end of this year. Actually it was planned for this summer, but unfortunately there were some unexpected delays, so I had to postpone it.

As mentioned earlier, the Closer 002 release is on his way and should hit the stores very soon.

We know you have a nice little collection of vintage gear, what can you tell us about your studio set up at the moment and what are some pieces that you couldn’t live without?

For the recent EP I used my AkaiS900 / Mpc1000 / Sp1200 and the Octatrack plus some external effect units.

The B side on the EP Daydreamers Dream was arranged and recorded in real time. No computer, just the gear and my hands.

I know you’re coming out to Australia later this year, have you been out here before at all? Which cities will people be able to catch you playing in?

This will be my first time in Australia and I really look forward too it!! I will perform in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and at the strawberry fields festival.

Finally, what have you come up with for this mix?

I caught a bad cold, so I stuck to something special and played some old hip hop records. Basically I was in the right mood for this.

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