Published: 25 Jul 2016
- Simoncino

Vintage Chicago from the Italian house master.

Prolific analogue synth wiz and regular L.I.E.S. and Crème Organization contributor Nick Anthony Simoncino winds back the clock with an hour of under the radar Chicago house from the golden period of the late 80s that continues to inspire his sound.

Where have we caught you, and what’s been happening in your world these past few months?

Hey guys, I just returned home from two amazing gigs, one in Ibiza, my first time at DC10 for Circoloco and one in Milan at Dude Club with Underground Resistance. I had a very busy month, but now finally have a few free days to work in the studio.

You’re constantly releasing new music, at a pace many producers could only dream of. Do you think that the restrictive nature of recording with vintage analogue machines has helped you achieve such a consistent output?

Yes, it’s true, I release a lot of music, and trust me I am continuing! I have a lots of unreleased tracks, including two unreleased remixes from Larry Heard of my old EP “Cosmic Paradise” under my alias Ron Jason. So, sincerely yes, I’m constantly buying and selling synths and drum machines and this really keeps stimulating my desire to make music.

Your music has been remixed by an impressive number of legendary figures in the house world, none more so than Larry Heard under his much loved Mr. Fingers moniker recently adding his magic touches to your Beyond The Dance record on L.I.E.S. As a well known purveyor of late 80s Chicago house, tell us about his influence on your own music, and how that collab came about?

Yes, Larry Heard is one of my favorite producers of all time, I met him in 2010/2011, at that time I was working on my first album “The Dream Of Amnesia” for the Australian label Thug and and I suggested to the label boss to contact Larry for a remix, and from then we have become friends and we always stayed in touch since that day…. Larry is a very special person!

For someone with such an impressive array of analogue synths at their disposal, have you ever felt the desire to take them on the road with you and perform live, or are you content with telling your story through records?

Well, good question, many people and promoters ask to me to play live, especially in recent years, but I think only because promoters sometimes follow trends to bill live acts. I think it would be difficult to take my studio on the road with me!

What can you tell us about this mix?

Mmm, simply this is my special selection of some my fav tracks from my collection that really define my sound. Many people may not know this music and most of these tracks do not exceed the 1988/1989.

What is coming up next, any other new projects or releases on the horizon?

My most important project at the moment is my new album for Vibraphone Records, that will be released next year. It was amazing to release my EP with them this summer and the Isole Del Tramanto record is a bit of a different direction for me and the album will experiment with more modern sounds than I’m known for which is exciting! Then out in September there will be a single on Hot Haus Records with a remix from the legendary Houz’Mon from Dance Mania, then some remixes that I’m currently working on.

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