Published: 24 Mar 2015
- Interstellar Funk

Twisted cosmic encounters from Amsterdam.

The Rush Hour crew is responsible for nurturing yet another fantastic talent, this time in the form of a young producer by the name of Interstellar Funk. With an internship at the RH Amsterdam home base completed and a couple of top shelf releases already to his name for the Rush Hour label and Tom Trago’s RH affiliated Voyage Direct, Olf van Elden’s rough and hypnotic brand of house is growing in spades with every 12″. In recent times he’s also become responsible for guiding an interstellar ship of his own, through the Tape Records imprint and Tape DJs collective – dedicated to showcasing the equally legitimate talents of some of his up and coming home town buddies. We board the Interstellar Funk vessel as it’s set for take off with some big records soon to drop for Amsterdam heavyweights Dekmantel and Rush Hour, but first, a down right sleazy selection full of twisted funk and otherworldly sonic adventures.

What have you been up to?

Doing a lot of shows lately. Since the start of the year Octopus Agents has been taking care of my international shows and I’ve been travelling a lot these last few months. Besides the gigs I work in the studio as much as I can and I’ve just finished the 12” for Tape.

For those not familiar with your history, can you first give us a brief insight into how you became involved with Rush Hour and working with guys like Antal, Tom Trago etc and how important that particular connection has been for your growth as an artist?

I started going to the Rush Hour shop and parties when I came to Amsterdam for the first time. After a couple of years I started an internship and when I graduated I stayed. I’m still working for the label for three days a week. Being around the label and store taught me so much about all kinds of music and artists.

Tell us about your label Tape Records.. You have spoken about focusing mainly on releasing music from new and emerging local Amsterdam based artists through the label. Will this philosophy continue as the label grows, and who are some artists we should be keeping an eye out for in the near future?

We don’t work with a schedule really. There is a new Deniro release coming up and after that we will see what’s next. We started the label to release music for friends that don’t really have a label to release on yet. That’s what we will keep doing.. I don’t really see the point of starting a label and release music of artists that have already released on several labels. I mean what’s the added value of that?

I see you recently featured in Red Bull Music Academy’s ‘Bass Camp Amsterdam’, what can you tell us about that experience?

The Red Bull Bass Camp was a lot of fun. Very interesting lectures by artists like Legowelt, Tony Allen and Egyptian Lover and I had the opportunity to play with some very special synthesizers.

What can you tell us about this mix that you’ve put together for us? Who are some artists that feature in the mix?

Nowadays you get awash with podcasts and recordings so I tried to make something more special than a 4-to-the-floor DJ set. For me the most interesting thing about podcasts and sets is discovering new music. I selected tracks from Devo, Material, Das Ding, Arthur Russell and some more unknown artists.

What else do you have coming up?

I have a very busy schedule of gigs coming up which is great and besides the gigs I just finished a track for Dekmantel and I’m working on a new 12” for Rush Hour.

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