Published: 9 May 2019

Spirited house from one of Israel's most soulful selectors.

With an inspired sound shaped by the raw soulful undercurrent connecting classic dance music from Chicago and Detroit, the Israel born, Berlin based DASCO delivers a refreshing take on a timeless set of sounds, blending forgotten percussive house workouts, warm melodic techno and acid classics with new works equally equipped for that same full body response. Her mix here is no different, a festive blend of deeply charged soulful movers from start to finish.

Hello! how’s things? I see you recently made a brief move from Berlin to Rome, what prompted you to change things up?

Peace! Yeah, well actually I was living in Italy, though only for the winter time and very recently I just moved back to Berlin again. See, The winter in Berlin is very difficult for me to handle as I come from Tel Aviv where there is no real winter actually…

I always need the sun by my side as it gives me a lot of energy, inspiration and a good mood. When it’s winter I usually leave Berlin and come back around spring time. Next winter for example I’m planning to leave again and tour in warmer places like Brazil, Australia and Bali.

You collaborated on a lovely EP for Housewax back in 2017 alongside Israel’s PRZ, featuring a great remix from the Chicago legend Boo Williams.. I read that came out of a pretty spontaneous jam session.. Have you made any plans for a follow up together? Do you have any other collabs in the works?

Thank you for the nice words! Yeah PRZ (who is a very talented producer) and I made our EP very spontaneity on one of my visits in Tel Aviv. At the moment we don’t have any plans for other collaborations as now I’m mainly focused on my own solo productions, although in the future it is quite possible to happen again, maybe also in some spontaneous jam… who knows?

While on subject, tell us about the house scene back in Israel at the moment.. Who are some of the people or parties there that you feel most connected with?

Well, the scene in Israel is very small. The only club there that I can feel connected to is The Block Club in Tel Aviv. I think that the block is a great place with a great sound system and it’s also very nice that they book also many female DJs (sadly not like other clubs/parties in Israel). The block has been very supportive towards me the last years and I’m grateful for that.

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve recorded for us? Any tracks in there you would like to give a special mention?

I recorded this mix very recently here in Berlin and I really enjoyed doing it! In this mix I included my new unreleased track “African Power” which I made while I was living in Rome last winter and I also included tracks from artists that I love and highly appreciate like Ron Trent, Trinidadian Deep, Theo Parrish, Larry Heard, Kerri Chandler, Joe Claussell, Armando and more…

What else do you have coming up?

Well, I just had a really nice weekend – I played both in Italy and London and was really fun!
I have some exciting gigs coming up the next months in Berlin, Dresden, France, Helsinki, Italy, London, Tel Aviv, Cyprus and an interesting open air party in Bristol alongside some DJs that I love like Hunee, Shanti Celeste, Moxie and more…

I also have my new solo EP that hopefully will be out soon though at the moment I can’t reveal any more details about it. Expect some surprises…

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