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The next instalment of the series comes from one Berlin’s plethora of international settlers, who since 2004 has made a name for himself as both a versatile and talented jock, whilst being responsible for the rise of the Sweatlodge Agency, editing SLIM mag and running his house label JackOff Records.

Elie Eidelman can be heard spinning on the regular at the infamous Tresor, Cookies and Soju Bar, the latter in which he decided to record this mix. We spoke to Elie about his multicultural roots, his artist and booking agency Sweatlodge, and his journey to Berlin..

Tell us a little bit about your background, we know you were born in New York City and grew up in Tel-Aviv. What is the New York connection and how was your experience growing up in Israel?

My family is 3rd generation Brooklyn Jews. My parents went on a two-year sabbatical to Jerusalem in 1978. I was 3 years old and the youngest from my siblings. After two years, my father was offered a full time job and us kids already spoke the language and had friends etc. So the family decided to stay. The connection with New York stayed as my grandparents and relatives where still mostly there. So a lot of back and forth, summers and even one semester at day school when I was 10.

Growing up in Israel was great at the time. Though I did not have much to compare it to. Jerusalem is an amazing city with so much history and very intelligent and cultured people. Today the religious fanatics scared a lot of the younger generation and culturally educated residents out and unfortunately it’s not the same. I moved to Tel-Aviv in the early 90’s like most of my Jerusalem crew. At that time Tel-Aviv was crazy. People actually thought it was on its way to be the next Ibiza. All that ended in 2001 when the second Palestinian uprising started and the city never came back to its peak point when it comes to dance music culture. Don’t get me wrong. I am still in love with that city and go back at least twice a year.

Was moving to Berlin in 2004 a big change in life style? What were the major deciding factors for the move? What were the challenges?

Yes of course. Well it was a mix of stuff and mostly timing. I was dreaming to move to Berlin since 2001 when I was here first for a festival called Novalog I was part of. In 2004 my day job in Tel-Aviv came to an end, the club I held my residency at (Sofabeat) had to close, no girlfriend and nothing holding me back. I contacted my Berlin friends who run the ‘Club Transmediale’ Festival and ask if they had any work. Their immediate reply was ‘lots of work, no money, come!’. Attached to the mail was info about a 3 month sublet. 3 weeks later I was in Berlin and working in the CTM office.

Biggest challenges at the time were the language and finding work. But Berlin was so cheap and exciting that it really did not mater. I was happy.

The Sweatlodge Agency is going from strength to strength with exciting artists continually being added to the roster. What do you think are the main contributing factors to the agencies success, and where do you see it headed in the future?

Oooh. thanks for the kind words. The contributing factors to the agencies success are first of all the artist. Both me, and my partner James worked before for bigger artist and agencies. When I joined James at Sweatlodge it was clear that we want to build something around our own musical taste and vision (as wide spread as it is) and not only about whom do we think we can sell. We started working with many artists from the early stages of their career. People like Oliver Deutschmann, Iron Curtis and Mano Le Tough had very few releases at the time and played mainly locally. Building up with them, having an honest personal relationship goes a long way. But I have to say again without each artist talent and personality we would not have been so lucky.

Another main factor is that we are an active agency. That means we don’t sit around waiting for an email request to come in. We have an in house P.R person. We promote events, labels, magazine (Slim Magazine), Sweatlodge net Radio, Blogs etc. All these are tools for us to meet new people and push our artist and music we love. Most of the time it works.

Tell us about your label Jack Off Records, what do you look for in new potential artists for the label and what do your current artists all share musically?

JackOff Records grew out of a successful Berlin club night under the same name. The night was founded with John Osborn and the label was the next logical step.
All the artist on JackOff Records I know personally. Musically it’s all about my personal gut feeling. It’s hard for me to explain. They are all versatile, mature, some influences from 90’s dance music history. Sounds, that in theory could last forever.

At the moment I left my previous vinyl distributor and am still in the process of a new deal. So unfortunately JackOff is on a bit of a break. But the next five releases are more or less done and I can tell you some wicked stuff is on the way including tracks from October, The Rimshooters, Andy Blake and many more.

What can you tell us about this mix? How and where was it recorded and who are some of the artists featuring?

As a DJ I am always fascinated with the blur between styles. From House to Disco, Acid to Italo, Dark to overly Kitsch etc etc. Of course I fit myself to every time and place. That’s part of the art, no? Since it’s been over two years since I did a Podcast I wanted to record something that represents those different emotions in music. People who know me from playing at Cookies will hear something different when I play at Tresor but if you listen deeply, I think you can always tell it’s me.

The artists are mostly friends or people I worked with over the years and admire. Deep88 I met only recently at my bar in Berlin and was very impressed with his productions. LeSale are my boys from Vienna who run Luv Shack Records. They booked me a few times over the years and I was exposed to their talent. Massimilano Pagliara has to be one of the sweetest people I know and one of my favorite producers. Everything he does for me is gold. Exploited Records is run by my old friend Shir Khan (Who also got me my first proper booking in Berlin). Both Shir Khan and Andre Crom have always supported me and vice versa. And last but not least I wanted to represent some of the talented artist and labels I work with like John Osborn, Quell, Nick Harris and Slow Motion records.

What can you tell us about this mix? How and where was it recorded and who are some of the artists featuring?

I recorded this set in one take! During the day, at Berlin’s famous Soju Bar. I used two decks, two CDJ’s 800 and a Xone 90 mixer. Yes I know some of the mixes are wonky and far from perfect but I decided to keep the set as it is. For me it represents the feeling I wanted to pass along and as a DJ I like hearing mistakes and mistakes being fixed in recorded sets. I hope other do as well.

What else do you have coming up that you can tell us about?

Well after a long long break I am back in the studio a bit. So hopefully some remixes and productions will be out soon.

My new label I am doing with partners James Blonde and Oliver Deutschmann called ‘Slim Audio’ is out this month. First 12” includes tracks from Christopher Rau & Moomin, Oliver Deutschmann and Milton Bradley. Get it via Wordandsound. We also do a local English speaking magazine called Slim and can be picked up around Berlin for free or seen online.

I think with the labels, Magazine, Agency and my own DJ career I keep pretty busy but new things happen all the time. So just keep you ears tuned.


1.Andre Lodemann – Where Are You Now (Ripperton V Remix) – Fragments
2.Deep88 – La Beija – 12 Records
3.JayCeel – The Sea Of Time – Artefact Records
4.John Osborn – Lord Of The Last Days (Quarion Remix) – JackOff Records (Unreleased)
5.LeSale – Make Me Feel So Good – Luv Shack Records
6.kickdrum Industrie – Show You Love – JackOff Records (Unreleased)
7.John Daly – Release – Drumpoet Community
8.John Gazoo – Midnight Runner (Second Version) – Compost Disco
9.Wolfram – Out Of Control (Daniel Wang & massimiliano Pagliara’s TGF) – Permanent Vacation
10.Sebastien Tellier – Cochon Ville (Dimitri From Paris Erodiscomix) – Record Makers
11.Quell – Nowhere Forever – Skylax
12.Nick Harris – Bucket Bong – Stoned Immaculate
13.Marcello Giordani – Chubby Rain (massimiliano Pagliara Rmx) – Slow Motion
14.Doctor Dru – The Voice Of Dru – Exploited
15.Andre Crom – Tell Me (David August Remix) – Freerange records
16.Roni Alter – When I Come (Minimal Compact Cover) – Unreleased

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