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DJ Deep is one of the key members of the first generation of French house DJs that paved the way for an era of astonishing success for Parisian House artists in the 90′s, artists like Dimitri from Paris, Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar and many many more. Deep’s mid 90′s radio show on radio FG 98.2, which often saw him share the airwaves with DJ Gregory and Alex from Tokyo became a legend in Paris’ House folk law, and his label Deeply Rooted House which is now into its tenth year is one of the most respected House imprints around the globe.

As a selector, Deep has moved slowly back to his Techno roots in recent times, and these days you can hear him spinning equal parts deep house and classic Detroit and Chicago techno sounds, as he displays with precision in this mix. We are truly humbled to have such a legend make a contribution for the latest episode of the series.

What have you been up to recently?

Since I started to work with Lerato from Uzuri, I was lucky enough to travel quite a bit recently and enjoyed playing at many nice gigs!

I am also working on my label Deeply Rooted House records, with an RTX release, a Deep House 12” and the next release by Bleak, a 4 track Techno stormer called “Disfunktion EP”. Also super busy with my partner Jérome Barbé preparing a new mixer the DJR200 and getting ready to re-launch one of our first models DJR100D, while the DJR400 are still being quite successful!

The last couple of years have seen you go back to your Techno roots, with it playing a major role in your sets once again. How have you gauged the response to this shift in your sound after many years of showcasing predominantly deeper house sounds?

It’s been great, I have always “followed my ears” if I can say, today I can play as much Deep House as Techno, it depends on the night, a couple of years ago I loved this new wave of Techno, I think the scene needed it somehow, and today I think things are well balanced, I buy as many House records as Techno records today.

We have to congratulate you on your label Deeply Rooted House, which is now into its 10th year! The incredible Harlequin EP by Rootstrax last year really made a mark on us, with some claiming it as the work of St. Germain. Can you tell us any more about that record and if we might be hearing more from the elusive Rootstrax on the label?

Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes I loved this release, no it’s not from St Germain, it’s a French artist who wishes to remain anonymous for now.

Can you tell us about your experience of meeting Kerri Chandler for the first time, and what were some of the most important things you learned from him?

Kerri has been such an influence on me, at first his music, I was living for it! Then when I met him I discovered an amazingly nice and generous person, I learned a lot from him, such a legend and still very open, very kind to people, that really impressed me and gave an example on how to behave on a human level. Of course releasing Music from Kerri Chandler on the label was an honour and a blessing.

The DJR400 portable rotary mixer, which you designed with Jerome at E&S, has become a must-have for a huge amount of top DJs and audiophiles. Why do you think the mixer has become such a highly demanded tool and are there any plans for further work with E&S?

Oops sorry I answered to this in the first part. I think the reason of DJR400 success is this: It’s a dope mixer and it sounds amazing!

What can you tell us about this mix? How and where was it recorded and what was the idea behind the mix?

It was recorded in my House, the idea was to try to go from House to Techno, playing brand new jams that I love and play some roots stuff too!

What else do you have coming up that you’re able to tell us about?

Again thanks to Lerato from Uzuri, a lot of gigs. Mixers as I said, and some great releases on the label including again another Bleak 12”, a Jonas Kopp release and hopefully soon a compilation from the label. I’m also working on a mix CD for Tresor records in Berlin.


Kevin Saunderson Future (Feat. Inner City) [MK AW Deep Dub]
tINI – My Shine (Carl Craig Remix)
N/A 3
Bjak & Dubbyman aka Twin Beats – Do It Properly (Fingers remix by Larry Heard)
It’s Not Over – Belle Ville
Pierre’s Fantasy Club – Dream Girl
Fingers – The Juice
Steve Murphy & die Roh – The Chasm (CHIWAX LP)
Mutant Beat Dance – Rottonfunk
Redshape – Flexx
Trus’me – Sweetmother (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
Tom Trago – Being With You (Linkwood Remix)
Nyra – Uno 10 (Skudge Remix)
Will Azada – Easy Does It
Armando – 151
Maan – Trow
The Traveller – A100
Reeko – Segmento 1
CTRLS – Socket


  1. Very dope interview and mix from a very dope Producer and DJ! Cheers brother.

  2. lerato says:

    wonderful mix cyril !
    thank you

  3. Johan says:

    Legend! DJR-400 on route to the country!

  4. Appian Sounds says:

    Niice Mix from an excellent selector. Cheers

  5. LENIN SANTOS says:


  6. Craig says:

    53 mins ish amazing track

  7. tumisho says:

    dope dope mix!!! u one of the legends in this scene

  8. such an awesome mix – this guy just kills it everytime

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