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Straight out of London, our next guest (although actually a Scot) is a phenomenal raw house producer with a only handful of releases behind him, equal in weight and depth, and each packing more of a punch than the last. His latest on Yore, the ‘Future Resist EP’ proved to be an all conquering knockout blow, with the pick of the bunch ‘Back To 95′ being one of our most played records in 2011.

Orlando has mixed up almost 90 minutes of pure house music, skilfully shifting through the sub genre’s on a pair of 1200′s like a boss. He’s even given us some insight into his creative processes, well worth reading below for all the tech heads and aspiring producers!

For those who don’t know you past your music, can you give us a little background on yourself and what got you to DJing and producing the raw edged house music you’re known for today?

Inspired by the electronic music I was hearing on the radio, I originally started making beats when I was about 15. I used an Atari with Notator SL software and sequenced any sound module I could get my hands on. My early influences were mainly techno artists like Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke and The Advent although I was also into dubby stuff like Basic Channel and deep house like Ian Pooley’s productions and anything he played. That was a long time ago! Since then my tracks have mellowed from harder techno to deeper more jazzy sounds although I still try and maintain the raw edge and tough beats. I’ve also been buying vinyl for the last 15 years and love mixing but I’m a producer first, DJ second.

Your first release came back in 2006, on your own label Eastbound Recordings, which also marked the labels debut release. Had you released music with other names prior to this? What was behind starting the label?

Eastbound was the first release. The reason I started the label was purely as an output for my own tracks. I was frustrated with labels liking one track but not another or not fitting in with any labels sound. I’d had good feedback on my tracks from various Dj’s, demo of the month a couple of times on Ben Sims radio show as well as airplay on Kiss radio a couple of times so I thought fuck it, if no one else will give me a break I’ll release it myself and see what happens.

You’re known for producing mainly with hardware samplers, can you give us a bit of insight into your current studio setup and the creative processes involved?

I mainly use the Akai S5000 and occasionally the Emu E64. They sound a lot more crisp and punchy than using soft samplers. I’ve just purchased a Proteus 2000 on Ebay which will be getting used a lot for its rich full bodied sounds. I also use hardware compressors (Focusrite Compounder, TL Audio 5021, DBX 266) and a Soundcraft Spirit M12 mixing desk. Soundcard is a Fosusrite Saphire 24 and I sequence using Cubase SX (3 and 5).

I pretty much always start by sampling. Anything from records picked up at a jumble sale, 2nd hand record shops, old mix tapes, what ever I can get my hands on. I find sampling much more exciting than playing around with soft synths as you never know what you’re going to find.

I create drum kits out of the samples and jam on the keyboard until I get a decent groove going. I use Ableton Live to audition loops over the grooves and also drop pads, basses and any random samples into the Akai. I then play about on the keyboard until I’ve got 2-3 parts that work well together and that I think will form the basis of a piece of music. I then just work through ideas and arrangements until the track is finished.

We became more familiar with your work last year thanks to the brilliant ‘Future Resist EP’, which you put out through the Cologne house imprint Yore Records. How did that relationship with Yore begin?

I sent Andy [from Yore] a demo and apparently he replied saying he loved it and wanted to release it. I never got the email so was just going to put it out on Eastbound but then I got another email about a month later saying did you get my first email! So it was a nice surprise as I’d been a fan of Yore for a while. I sent him more tracks which he liked. That became ‘Beneath The Surface EP’.

As that did well he asked for another and that was ‘Future Resist EP’. I also did an epic podcast for Yore (which contains many of my favorite house tracks of all time). You can still download it from the Yore website. I also ended up doing a remix for his recent album (this came out on orange 7” vinyl!) and a couple of guest mixes for his radio shows. So I guess we have a mutual respect for each other’s work.

What can you tell us about this mix, how and where was it recorded and who are some of the artists featuring?

The mix was recorded in the (bedroom) studio using two Technics 1210’s and a Vestax mixer. Rather than play one style I’ve tried to cover my favorite styles of house. So it starts deep-tech (track one I can’t get enough of!) moving to classic house through to deep funky, a little bit of oldskool 4/4 garage, the New Jersey sound through to Jackin! It features Kez’s excellent remix of my ‘Harlem Connection’ track (on Undertones Recordings) as well as some seriously funky house from James Johnston and Jordon Peak and deep soul from Delano Smith. Every track’s a winner, I don’t play fillers!

What do you have coming up this year that you’re able to tell us about?

Next up will be an EP on UK label Seven Music entitled ‘City Life EP’. This will be released on vinyl and digitally. It’s contains 3 epic deep house tracks and one atmospheric ‘Detroitish’ electro track. It’s probably the most melodic release I’ve done so far so I’m quite excited about it.

A track called ‘Never Enough Rhodes’ is coming out on a new Irish label called Animal Tune. The EP also includes a remix from Jordan Peak as well as original material from Alex Agore and Leskin.

I’m also working on the first EP for a new label ‘Contemplate Recordings’ which will be released later on this year. This will be deep emotive music for the dance floor.

For more info’ check my website www.orlando-b.co.uk


1. Ed maddams – You Know Whats Up
2. DJ Aakmael – Deeprespectrak
3. N.Y. House’n Authority – Apt 3A
4. Soul System – Soul Beats
5. Nicholas – Holdin On
6. Orlando B – Harlem Connection (Kez YM Remix)
7. TBF – Music
8. Organ Grinder – Obsession
9. James Johnston – Get Back To The Feeling
10. Deep City Soul – Get Back
11. Jerzzey Boy – So Down
12. Alex Agore – I Got Something
13. House Nerds – That’ll Do
14. West Norwood Cassette Library – Blonde On Blonde
15. Delano Smith – Feel This
16. Andrade – Irreversible
17. Sonny Federa – Keep Me Going
18. Orlando B – Back To 95
19. Jordon Peak – It’s a Groove Thing
20. Benny Rodrigues – It’s a spiritual Thing
21. Ian O’Donovan – Relieve

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