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Melbourne Deepcast 054: OOFT! by Melbourne Deepcast

Glasgow’s Ali Herron, more commonly known as OOFT!, is someone we’re sure you’re already familiar with. His blog OOFT Music has become a sure fire way for disco heads to scope out classic and rare records and a place for Ali and hometown buddy Graeme Clark aka The Revenge to share their unreleased edits, mixes and other happenings. Ali has also become quite the production workhorse after finding his feet as an edit master alongside The Revenge, he’s released original works a plenty on labels like Instruments Of Rapture, Dikso and his own Foto Recordings.

OOFT! has been on our radar for a while now and we’re chuffed to have him lay down episode 054 in true style. We also snagged him for a quick Q&A to see what he’s been upto..

You’ve managed to find for yourself a pretty decent following for your disco edits alone over the last couple of years, yet have been putting out heavy deep house numbers a plenty recently, and a bunch of quality remixes too. Where does your heart lie? Or is it all just good music at the end of the day, as the cliché goes.

Good music is good music, end of. I got in to this whole thing when I was younger through a love of house music but I love all sorts of styles and genres. When I DJ or go out I don’t like to hear the same style all night as I just get bored these days. I guess the house releases have been a more recent thing compared to the edits as it has taken me a long time to feel confident enough in my own production skills to put out fully original music.

Tell us about Foto Recordings, your label which has seen four quality releases to date, including Andy Ash’s ‘Mason In My Bason’ and your classic house rendition ‘Ride In The Red Zone’ amongst other top shelf business. What will we be seeing up next on the label?

I set up Foto initially after we finished our L.E.S.S. Productions edit series solely as a label to put out OOFT! productions. However when I heard Andy Ash’s “Dance” track I knew I had to release it, and his Mason In My Basin is such a tune I felt it deserved to get on 12” too. After that I again heard some awesome tracks from Deep Space Orchestra and Craig Bratley and suddenly my original plan was out the window! However after some niggling problems with manufacturing which has held up things a bit in 2011 we should hopefully have a more consistent release schedule in 2012 beginning with a new 2-track OOFT! original EP with full sleeve art from Computer Juice in Marseille. Following that a new Deep Space Orchestra bomb “Blindsided” with mixes from Medlar and Andy Ash should surface fairly closely behind that. After that more OOFT! productions and a V/A EP too. Good times.

Tell us about the evolution of OOFT Music and the Ruff Jamz Audio podcast, how did the blog start and how much do you still have to do with Graeme (The Revenge) in that aspect?

OOFT! started as Graeme and I’s DJ team name when we had a monthly residency at the 333 club in Shoreditch many years ago. After that when I started editing some tracks I used the name. We also did some joint remixes at that time under OOFT!, but after he broke through we struggled to find the time to work in the studio together regularly. Luckily by this point I had picked up enough production tips to continue myself. These days OOFT! is my thing but we still keep a laissez-faire attitude and do the odd track together here and there. Our last one “Make U Mine” will be out next year on the final Instruments of Rapture release.

Ruff Jamz was basically an idea to promote our blog which we set up as a place to put up all our edits and things before we had the chance of releasing stuff. I think people always assume we were copying the RA podcast but to be honest we didn’t pay that much attention to RA back then! These days RA and Facebook are the main things though so we’re knocking the podcast on the head as I can’t face chasing people for mixes any more, plus there are plenty of other guys like yourselves doing a much better job!

Can you tell us a bit about the idea behind the mix, and how and where was it recorded?

The mix was a one-take wonder recorded in my living room (yes my girlfriend grudgingly allows me to keep the decks in there!) via Serato, 2 1210’s and my rusty Rane MP2016a rotary mixer. Since it’s the Melbourne Deepcast I thought I better try and keep it deep so there aren’t too many party jams on there! I shoehorned tracks from the next 2 Foto 12”s in there but apart from that all the tracks are just ones that I’ve really been digging and playing a lot recently.

What else is coming up for Ali OOFT production wise? And what are some DJ gigs you have on the horizon that you’re genuinely excited about?

The afore-mentioned Foto 12” should be the first thing to drop in January, after that tracks and remixes for Sonar Kollektiv (done with my mate Telford), Lovemonk Rec, House of Disco, Boredaudio, and Craig Bratley’s Fat Free Rec. to pop up in Q1 of 2012.

DJ-wise the main thing I’m looking forward to is trying to build up our monthly Instruments of Rapture residency at the Sub Club here in Glasgow. The first parties have been a bit of a revelation for all of us with myself, Graeme and Craig Smith playing a few tunes each on rotation all night. It’s been really great having control of the music from start to finish, and we’ve also got the legend that is Harri (Subculture) working the lighting and visuals so we’re really being able to do our own thing which is great. Hopefully we can build it further and then maybe take it on the road, who knows?


1. Pharao Black Magic – The Eye of Horus (Coyote Remix)
2. The Milk – B Roads (6th Borough Project Dub)
3. Late Nite Tuff Guy – Pull Us Apart (LNTG Rework)
4. Mermaids – Mutual Key Finding
5. Contra Communem Opinionem – Radical Emancipation
6. Nick Turner – InnerVisions
7. OOFT! – Tres Ans (Demo Mix)
8. Leo Zero – Down The Drain
9. Tiger & Woods – T&W Lab File #09
10. K’bonus & Negghead – Harmonizing Pt.2
11. The Tortoise – 2nd Chance
12. OOFT! – Memories
13. Deep Space Orchestra – Blindsided
14. Bubba – I Got G-Love
15. TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos – Something Happened (Instrumental)
16. Gregory Porter – 1960 What (Opolopo Kick & Bass Rerub)
17. Alexkid – Shesgottoleave
18. Intruder – Amame (Dubstrumental)
19. Deetron – The Maze
20. Fingers Inc – Distant Planet
21. Tevo Howard – Content
22. Harold Melvin – Wake Up Everybody (Psychemagik Edit)

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