042 – Session Victim

( Retreat / Delusions of Grandeur / Real Soon )

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In January we had the pleasure of meeting Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling here in Melbourne as they shared with us their love for records, dancing, drinking and general good-time having. They are easily two of the nicest DJ’s we’ve met and it just turns out they’re two of the best as well, quite the endearing combination really! Add to that a handful of genuinely interesting and exciting records out on labels like Retreat and Delusions of Grandeur, these guys are building themselves quite the rep, and for all the right reasons. They’ve thrown to together a seriously groovy vinyl only mix for episode 042, no tracklist here but keep an ear out for gems from the likes of Erdbeerschnitzel, Red Rack’em and 6th Borough Project.

We also had a quick chat with the guys to see what they’ve been upto recently..

You guys were here in Australia over summer for the first time as Session Victim, and played a couple of amazing gigs including Mad Racket in Sydney and a some great intimate shows in Melbourne, how would you sum up your time spent down here? you sure seemed to be enjoying yourselves!

What shall we say? That we simply had the best time one can have? Definitely! Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide were all mind blowing, nothing but wonderful people and skilled DJs everywhere. Adam McConnell, Jimmi James, Sinclair, 12” Phildo, Fucking Tornado Wallace – you know that we’re not exaggerating! And being scheduled between sets by Simon Caldwell and Chris Duckenfield feels unreal anyways..

How is the European summer shaping up for the two of you in terms of gigs, parties, touring etc?

Well, we’re hungry to play and appreciate all the opportunities that we get. If somebody would have told us that we’re playing Ibiza a year ago, we would have laughed at him. Now we’re laughing about ourselves, but we can’t wait to actually do it.

What projects have you been working on together in the studio recently? And what will be the focus for the latter part of the year for your releases?

We don’t want to say too much right now, but we’re in the lab every free minute we got. Literally. The music that comes together right now will hopefully speak for itself.

As known vinyl lovers, we know you like to make your recorded mixes and podcasts quite special, can you tell us a bit about the idea behind the mix, and how and where it was recorded?

We spent quite some time selecting the records for this mix and it turned out that there is a lot of deep and slow stuff in our bags that has not made it on a dj mix of ours before. It was like “Okay, this time we will do all the stuff, put some Madlib in there, add that sweet Fink – ballad…”. Favourite records that don’t necessarily need a dance floor. We recorded it at Hauke’s place on 2x technics 1210.

What else is coming up for Session Victim that we should know about?

Well, we don’t plan to start an orchestra next week. We will not produce the sound for the next apple – commercial nor will we feature Lil Wayne on any of our tracks. We just keep on playing our music with and for the good guys and girls. We’re really happy about our collaboration with Delusions of Grandeur, these guys and their label feel like the perfect match for us. So, it’ll be records for them, and of course Retreat. Watch out for Retreat!

No Tracklist Available.

Session Victim

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